Saturday, February 2, 2008

Pi x Phi x 666 = Sydney Olympic Stadium Latitude

The illuminati, like the roman caesars and their human-sacrifice rituals known as the circus

and gladiator contests, love sports. This year we will be treated to a spectacle in the People's

Republic of China known as the 2008 Olympics. It is , perhaps , a good time to look at the occult

aspects of the Olympic Games before Beijing 2008 opens for business.

An interesting aspect of this phenomenon has been noted involving the Sydney Games. It also

speaks volumes regarding the selection of the location of Sydney itself as the largest city for

Australia during the masonic conquest and aboriginal holocaust of the Land Down Under.

The Evidence:

1. Pi is a number of mystical significance: and .

2. Phi is a number of mystical significance - the Golden Ratio: / / and scroll

to bottom: .

3. The number 666 needs no background but some will be provided for purposes of verification .

The calculation: Go to insert - pi x phi x 666 = - the answer will be

3385.41366. Try it yourself. Then , using the technique developed previously by this writer,

3385 becomes 33.85 Latitude or Longitude.

4. The latitude for the Sydney Olympic Park is 33.85 S . .

5. Go to and insert - sydney australia freemason - . There are quite a few

masonic listings that will become immediately available. The Freemasons love the number

33. Is it a coincidence that Sydney is located where it is? Is it a coincidence that the first four

numbers of the multiplication of phi, pi and 666 are the same as the latitude for Sydney and the

Olympic Park. This , particularly so, when the Olympics are of greek origin and the ancient

greek mathematicians are who provided us with pi and phi?


This is a coincidence of course. Except...well...another oddity emerges....

Canberra is the Capital of Australia. You have to fly a long way to get there from here. You can

land at it's airport, of course. The latitude is 35.19 S . or google latitude 35.19 Canberra.

35 X 19.05 = 666.75

The number 19.5 is linked to the Illuminati and Cydonia plain on Mars. and .

The Land Down Under was dedicated to the infernal entities of the Underworld. Sad to say, but

it's ...all in the numbers... -

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