Sunday, February 10, 2008

666 Appearance at Pi 2440 links Dome of the Rock to Temptation of Christ

Events are accelerating. Time is short. This writer has discovered a direct link between pi and

the temptation of Jesus Christ by satan as noted in the bible. This may provide the reader with

additional evidence that the advanced illuminati numerology using pi, phi, e and square root is

based on design , not coincidence. The reader , as always, must decide his or her own truth.


NUMBER 2440:

1. The Year 2440 was a famous "underground" book written in the late 1700s that spoke of

a technologically advanced society in existence on the planet Earth in that year. It was a work of

fiction but was deemed so revolutionary that it was banned by authorities at the time.

It nonetheless became the #1 'hit' for revolutionary readers of the time. It described a

Utopia of sorts. and the future

described a society that "worships science" .

The book was a "Forbidden" bestseller: .

2. The original Illuminati were Scientists: .

3. The Beast 666 Number does not first appear in the mythical number Pi until decimal 2440

Scroll down 80% / See number 22: .

4. The Temple of Solomon must be rebuilt for the 666 antichrist to appear inside it therefrom

to rule the world. "He will rebuild the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem, where the muslim Dome

of the Rock now stands..." - scroll down 25%.

5. The Top of the Temple is where satan took Jesus to tempt him into the path of evil, thereby

in the Christian view , destroying his mission of crucifixion and resurrection. The Son of God , in

Christian ideology was asked to worship lucifer as God, not his own father, God Himself. The

ultimate crucifixon for G-d himself and the revenge of satan for his eternal damnation. Christ

refused and the rest is , as they say....history. See artwork depicting this: .

The Second Temptation: .

*** The Altitude of the Rock over which stands the muslim dome or the Dome of the Rock is at

the altitude 2440 Feet Above Sea Level. Scroll down 30% .


...Dear Reader...more coincidence? Or is there something to this bizarre, advance illuminati

mathematics? This you must decide for yourself. If the decision is conspiracy rather than

coincidence, then it could be said that the evil that is gathering about us can still be stopped.

This writer is a mere messenger. The real question is what are YOU going to do with the

information now that you have it??? Crawling under a no longer an option.

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