Monday, February 18, 2008

Pythagoras 625 and Pi 666 link Shard Tower to NYC Transit Centers

A continuing analysis and investigation of illuminist centers in New York exposes additional

ties to the appearance of 666 in the mystical-irrational number of Pi. The number 10163 is the

7th location were 666 appears. .


This happens to be the zip code in New York City for Grand Central Station. Google - New

York 10163 or,+NY+10163,+United+States+of+America&sa=X&0i=map&ct=title . See Grand

Central Station 10163 at: . It is the home to "hundreds and hundreds of businesses" P.O.

Box addresses... An illuminist sculpture depicting the greek gods Hercules, Minerva and

Mercury adorns Grand Central Station. .

Vanderbilt Hall is located inside Grand Central Station:,353165/33/record.html . Vanderbilt was a freemason and

illuminati member. scroll to bottom - "The origin of the Vanderbilt fortune is an obscure

mystery. It was close to 1 billion $ in 1924." .


This writer has discovered what appears to be a link to the number 625 and the Pythagoras

Mystery Tablet. .

The Port Authority of New York owned the Twin Towers that fell. The lease, not ownership

was held by Silverstein. The Port Authority also owns the Bus Terminal for the city. "world's

busiest bus terminal" . The address is


Further if you were to multiply the number 10163 , which is the , again 7th spot where 666

appears in Pi, you end up with the number: 6768558 . Go to insert 10163 x 666

to reach that result. The National Cathedral of the USA , located in the masonic built city of

Washington , D.C. is 676 feet tall. This is interesting since the 7 spot on Pi when multiplied with

the Beast Number replaces a 7 for a 6 as the answer and happens to coincidentally be the height

of the Gargoyle covered National Cathedral. .

As noted in the article, President Theodore Roosevelt laid the Foundation Stone. He also was a

freemason. / .

He was in fact "a passionate freemason" and the Albert Pike statue in Washington, D.C. was

produced 39 days into his Presidence when he became such after the illuminati murder of

President McKinley. scroll down 40% .

Shard Tower - London -- Tallest Building in Europe:

The Shard Tower , near or next to the London Bridge has previously been linked to evil in

glass , steel and stone. .

The Shard Tower will be 1016 feet in height. Tallest building in Europe. Add 3 inches or .3

inches etc...and you have another satanic appearing "coincidence" with the glistening glass

shard , an evil crystalline beacon for the infernal legions. .


The next time you take a bus or train into NYC , keep in mind that you are riding the highway

to hell. Time to get off. Time to cancel the ticket. Time to tell the Freemason railroad engineers

to take a hike and sit on the top of their shard of glass in London. Do the math. Count the sheer

volume of coincidences. What is happening is not normal. What is happening can be stopped if

and only if enough of us wake up before we arrive at the bus and train depot in hades , complete

with greek god statues. Choice is yours......for me , I'll hitch-hike or walk. Easier on the soul if not

the soles.

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