Friday, February 1, 2008

Scientology Numerology links Pythagoras to 33rd Parallel

This writer has discovered some interesting numerological coincidences pertaining to the COS

or Church of Scientology. The reader must determine if the connections are based on design or

simply happenstance. No illegality is alleged. No insults are intended. The information may or

may not have a basis that is intentional or accidental. The Reader be the Judge.

A. The Number 22/7 is symbolic of the babylonian mathematical term known as Pi. and .

B. The address for Scientology Headquarters in New York City is: . 227 West 46th Street.

C. The City of Phoenix , Arizona is on the 33rd parallel. The City of Hemet , California is also on

the 33rd parallel. Phoenix: .

Hemet , California has the highest death rate for troops in Iraq of any other California town.,_California .

D. Scientology was born in Phoenix, Arizona. It is a 33rd parallel phenomenon. .

E. Scientology has a major compound in Hemet, California. This is the location where the

"return" of L. Ron Hubbard is expected.,0,2963052.story?coll=la-home-headlines / .

Born on the 33rd parallel leads to Reborn on the 33rd parallel. ...

F. The number 216 is a metaphor for 666 The Number of the Beast. Why? Because it is

6x6x6 = 216. See also: .

G. The Church of Scientology in Taiwan has a 216 address: .

H. The Headquarters of the Church of Scientology are in Clearwater , Florida. There is a new

facility in Largo, Florida as well. Go to and insert - scientology clearwater - and

then click on search. The reader may be amazed at the number of COS locations in the Tampa

Bay area. The Wiki link on Clearwater even has a major portion dedicated to the Scientology

phenomenon in that city.,_Florida . scroll to bottom.

I. The latitude of Clearwater, Florida is: 27.94 N .

J. 27.94 x Phi or the Golden Ratio , a mystical number is: 45.2078696. Go to

insert - 27.94 x phi - then hit search. Obviously , the first three numbers are 452 .

K. 452 is linked to Time / Space Portal numerology associated with the Pythagoras Mystery

Tablet. .

L. But there is more: If one multiplies 216 x 613 x 625 = 82,755,000 . Go to

insert the formula 216 x 613 x 625 = - and that will be the answer for verification. The 216 as

noted previously is code for 666, the 613 is linked to the Commandments of the Torah of the

jews and 625 is again a number linked to the Pythagoras Mystery Tablet. see: 613 Torah - and

625 Pythagoras at - .

M. It just so happens that the line of LONGITUDE 82.75 runs through Clearwater , Florida : .

N. A major Scientology complex is located in Trementina, New Mexico. The latitude is N. .

If one multiplies 35.31 x 28.56 the answer is 1008.4536. This is interesting because the number

1008 is linked to the idea of reincarnation , an avatar and the Phoenix - the name of the city in

which Scientology was "born" so to speak. . .

In hinduism, God has 1008 names. . There

is also the 1008 petaled Lotus of Hinduism as well. . Further, a 1008 foot tower is planned for

illuminati-riddled London, UK.,008ft+tower+planned+for+City/ .

O. The real 666 is said by some to be 616: This as stated on the National Post newspaper of Canada.

P. The address for Scientology in the early years in 33rd parallel Phoenix was 616. .

*link posted for address coincidence only*. No allegations of improper, unethical, illegal or

immoral conduct are made against Church of Scientology. They have a right to practice their

faith under the 1st Amendment of the US Constitution. *

Q. Vision Literacy Centers is associated with L.Ron Hubbard. The address is 215 (one shy of 216). .

Hubbard's Applied Scholastics International has 215 programs: .

R. The local Scientology Church in a city in Ohio is at a 215 address: .

S. The massive new Scientology Super Power center in Clearwater , Florida is at a 215 address. .

T. The theme of a Stairway to Heaven or Portal to Heaven is linked to 215 . The famous stairway in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil leads to

St. Teresa's Convent. and . She was from Heaven.

U. The masonic Washington Monument in the USA capital has 889 steps leading to "heaven" .

oddly, the Super Power building in Clearwater will have 889 rooms . .

The Washington Monument is 555 feet tall or 6,660 inches in height. 666 - .

Could it be that the Stairway to Heaven really leads to Hell?

V. Tilden , Nebraska is located at latitude 42.047 N. It is the Birthplace of Hubbard. . .

There is the Cult of 42 and

The Cult of 47 .


Could this be coincidence? Pythagoras did not believe in coincidence but the reader must make

up his or her mind. This article is written to do research into numerology. It is not to promote or

to attack or insult scientology or any other faith. No allegations of impropriety are raised against

scientology or anyone. Regarding L.Ron Hubbard and Numerology it is allegedly said that:

"creator of Scientology was more interested in numerology than any other aspect of magic" scroll

to bottom - . Link used solely for quoted item* and

using links does not imply agreement with criticism of scientology by this writer.

If L. Ron Hubbard did return...this writer would like to know if the above material was part of a

code or not? In the meanwhile, maybe someone could ask Tom Cruise. The previously noted

Super Power site will have 447 windows and 42 bathrooms...more coincidence? The mystery

surrounded Merovingian Dynasty began in the year 447. .


Freeman said...

I think it is important to point out our founding father despite being human were pretty dog on morally upstanding individuals. Wile others may have muddied up the waters of the truth left behind in Masonic principals at it's core it is nothing more than a more modernistic clarification of the TRUTH in Jewish tradition. Do you think algebra or being prepared for judgment after death is Wrong? All spiritual wisdom is rooted in Egypt. Moses himself was raised by the pharaoh’s till the age of forty and may not have fled for his life had he of not killed a man killing a man. Further examination would even point to him being a narcissistic control freak just but his lack of freedom for all to attain "the Holy of the Hollies" as one shining example where Jesus tried to liberate and give free to all who listened and believed his words were truth.

Scientology that’s a hole other animal rooted in greed and tyranny in the form of using human nature to scare people into thinking they need and must pay to climb above other humans who as our constitution states are ALL created equal to the point of even looking past “previous condition”

Muhammad Hassib Gul said...