Monday, February 18, 2008

Pi 666 joins World Council of Religious Leaders and Empire State Building

There are those that suspect that the skyscraper concept itself is linked to the Tower of Babel

which God himself destroyed. There are others that suspect that the movement to join all

religions together under the roof of the United Nations is the beginning of the One World

Religion, which joined with the One World Government will usher in the rule of the vile entity

known as the antichrist.

This article provides the reader with numerological information that provides further proof

that this may be true. The mystical number Pi is a so-called irrational number. The numerical

sequence 666 appears at various points. including 4435 and 5403. This will provide the key to

unlocking the secret that binds The Empire State Building and The World Council of Religious

Leaders to the beast number - - 666.


1. The number 666 appears in Pi at various locations, since the number has , so far , proven to

be infinite, the actual number of 666 locations is presently unknowable. Some of the locations

pertinent to this article are: 4435 and 5403. See: scroll down 75% . For a more complete list

see: .

2. The World Council of Religious Leaders is located in the Empire State Building in Suite # 5403. / .

3. The Sears Tower in zip code 60606 is 443.5 meters tall - scroll down 50%.

4. "The Empire State Building is just over 443 meters tall. That includes the 62 meter tall

lightning rod on top. There are one hundred three floors." .

Odd how both major USA Skyscrapers link to 4435 , where 666 appears in Pi. The 103 floors is

The number 13. Other articles describe the height of the Empire State Building with additions at

exactly 443.5 meters. "after antenna modifications in the early 1990s, 443.5 M)..." scroll down

90% or google / dogpile

Empire State Building 443.5 meters -- . The antenna modifications to achieve the exact height

would have taken place as the preparation began in the 1990s to set up the World Council of

Religious leaders. Sears Tower at 4435 Pi 666 in zip code 60606 - Coincidence? World Council

of Religious Leaders Headquarters in Suite 5403 = Pi 666 in a building modified to be exactly

4435 Pi 666 appearance , which happens to be the preceding adjacent Pi 666 number - also a

coincidence? Dear Reader...if you believe this is coincidence, then it must be respectfully asked:



The Empire that the Empire State Building refers to is the Empire of the Beast 666. The

building houses the actual Headquarters of the One World Religion prototype. Do the math, let

he who hath understanding ... - begin to understand.

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