Thursday, February 7, 2008

Square Root Phi x Pi x e proves King James Orthodox Bible is Masonic Fraud

The illuminati do everthing they can to pervert the truth and blend fact with fiction and lies

with truth. There has been much controversy for many years about the veracity , accuracy and

ultimately - legitimacy of the King James Bible. This writer believes that the utilization of

advanced masonic mathematics may tend to prove that the Book is of Illuminist and not Divine

origin. The evidence will be made available and as always, the reader must decide.


1. Background on belief that King James bible is a fraud or concoction. Reader must do own

research and analysis: / .

2. The square root is used by Freemasons: .

3. Phi or the Golden Proportion / Divine Proportion is used by Freemasons: and .

4. Pi link to the Occult: .

5. The euler number and music as an occult indoctrination method: and / .

6. Sir Francis Bacon wrote the King James Bible and he was an occultist: .

7. The Ortodox King James Bible is 1086 pages in length: google King James Bible 1086 pages or .

Google The Following:

Square Root Phi x Pi x e -

The answer will be 108.627097 . 1086

CONCLUSION: It appears that although the Orthodox Church is against Freemasonry - ...

that their has been a penetration , an infiltration of the evil in the Holy Book itself. Coincidence

or Conspiracy, the reader must decide. See also / scroll down 50% / .

This variant of the Bible is linked of course, to the UK , Headquarters of the Illuminati and the

ancient home of Sir Francis Bacon. Thomas Nelson Publishers creates the book. .

There are links to the Rockefeller empire and Thomas Nelson. .

There also may be a Mark of the Devil on the New KJV of the Bible. .

Further , Evidence may be the masonic created city of Phoenix , Arizona - see: and

the altitude of Phoenix: 1086 Feet - . More Coincidence?

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