Sunday, February 17, 2008

666 Discovered in New York Times Building and Three Gorges Dam

It is amazing how easily discernible the illuminati footprint is when one spends a brief amount

of time searching for it. One wonders why it is not disclosed , discussed or disseminated to the

masses at large. Then one comes across information that indicates that the mainstream media

is an active , in fact , key component of the Beast System being set-up page by page on the TV

screen and the front page of the daily news. That is what this article wishes to expose:


1. The ancient greeks had a unit of measure known as the Stade. It is approximately 185

meters in length. .

2. The previous link notes that there were three types of Stade or greek foot measurements.

One type is the so-called attic. It would correspond to 176.4 meters, as noted in the previous

link. The number 1764 happens to be the first four digits of the sine of 666. Go to insert - sine 666 - and see resulting number.

3. 184.9 meters is 606.6 feet. So, for all extent and purposes - - 185 meters is 666 : This was

the length of the racecourse at Olympia. scroll down to word stadia: /

4. The Earth happens to allegedly be 216,000 stade in circumference. scroll down 55% and scroll down 40% also scroll

down 20% .

5. 216,000 is 60 x 60 x 60 or 666. This happens to be basically the zip code of the Sears Tower . The 216 is code

for the antichrist in the Left Behind Series: .

6. The new NEW YORK TIMES Headquarters in NY, NY is 185 meters tall or 666. scroll down

to number 10. .

7. The massive THREE GORGES DAM in China is 185 meters tall or 666. scroll down 20% .

8. The SPACE NEEDLE in Seattle, Washington is 185 meters tall or 666.,Seattle,Washington.html .

9. The AIG TOWER in Hong Kong is 185 meters tall or 666.

It has 36 stories. 36 is code for 666. .

AIG likes 666 addresses as well -,1301,54-1-154,00.html and

scroll to near bottom- .

more coincidence???

10. The Euromast in Rotterdam, the world's largest seaport is 185 meters tall or 666. .

11. The EXXON BUILDING in HOUSTON, TEXAS is 185 meters or 666. It was the tallest

building west of the Mississippi river in the 1960s. .


It is interesting to note that the ancient greek measuring system has noted that the earth's

circumference was 666 and that the unit of measurement was also based on 666. Is this

true? Or just Gnosticism which preaches that the devil is the ruler of the Earth trying to create

its own "logic" which now is copied by illuminist elites?

The Beast system is growing . This is now a sustained phenomenon that is gathering in both

strength and speed. The question is - can it be stopped - ? The answer to that is up to the reader

and his or her determination to "Seek The Truth, and it Shall Set You Free". Free means just

that , not happy, not hopeful, not rich or poor.....just Free. While you are at it, feel free to put

your latest copy of the NYTimes to good use , at the bottom of your birdcage. The droppings

tend to scatter widely when they fall from an altitude of 185 meters.


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