Monday, February 25, 2008

Tikal Pyramid links Pluto Axis to endless USA Global Wars

Many are familiar with the Mayan end times chronicles revolving around the year 2012 A.D.

There is a lot of speculation about what will happen and what it could mean...for all of us and our

world and its corrupt and evil global civilization that serves illuminist goals.

This writer has found a link that may -or may not- be of some importance to the equation. It

has to do with the Tikal , Guatemala , mayan indian ruins and the tilt or axis of the planet Pluto.

Whether or not this is coincidence or has global meaning is left to the reader and or Kukulkan,

the feathered serpent to determine.


1. The mayan ruins of Tikal are impressive. Many hearts were cut out of live captives to

appease the suspected reptilian entities that eternally lusted for blood. / "The Tikal Mayan temples were important

ritual centers, where high priests performed often macabre sacrifical rituals. One can imagine

the terror that sacrificial human victims must have felt as they were led up the steep pyramid

stairs." .

3. The Tikal ruins are located at 17.13 latitude N. The ruins and others in the region appear to

be in some odd form of alignment with the stars and planets. .

4. The Planet Pluto is tilted on its axis of 17.13 degrees. "The orbit of Pluto is 17.13 degrees

inclined to the ecliptic." .

5. "Chart data source: Diane Rudhayar, The Astrology of America's Destiny* Random House
NY 1974, page 69 (Koch Houses though), July 4 1776, Philadelphia, 17.13.55 EST, Asc. 13.02
Sagittarius* This book is out of print but you may try Amazon's Out of Print search for the book." .

6. This could mean that the founding of the USA was timed to be in alignment with the Tikal

sacrificial site and the planet of death, the underworld....hades - hell. PLUTO.

7. "Most of the mayan gods were reptilian..." scroll to bottom - .


The USA is obsessed with war and killing . It happens constantly. It is how we live. It is what

we do. We are currently executing , aborting and bombing human beings "legally" all along the

33rd parallel from California to Afghanistan and Texas to Iraq. We have a Skull and Bones

Society leader who sets records in executions.


The masonic founders worshipped and sacrificed to the same reptilian deities as the the maya

priests in Tikal. This explains the endless carnage. The only difference is that the mayans were

honest. Their leaders did not claim "Jesus Christ is my favorite philosopher."

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