Saturday, February 23, 2008

Euler Constant links Mecca Burj al Bait Tower to Reptilian Prince Charles

There appears to be a link between irrational numbers in mathematics and the growing

behemoth towers that are rising to the heavens across the globe. This may be coincidence or it

may be by design. The reader will have to determine the truth - all that the article can do is

provide the facts.

One of the tallest buildings in the world is a hotel and skyscraper tower known as Burj Al Bait

rising , not in Dubai , but in Mecca. The design is instinctive including being topped by a crescent

moon of huge proportions. See Photo depiction - .

It is 577 meters in height. scroll to bottom - .

The World Financial Center , built by Cesar Pelli, the Yale linked architect that built the

Petronas Twin towers in Malaysia was damaged during the WTC attacks. It is 577 feet tall. .

Some suspect the Illuminati of links to the Petronas Towers. and .

also scroll down 75% .

THE EULER CONSTANT: Scroll to bottom - "Eulerian Constant is y = .577 / google Euler Constant .577 -

Background on Euler - .

It is interesting that the tallest building in Mecca will have an association with Euler's Constant

and the WTC area. What is noteworthy is that Euler wrote a 775 page book on THE MOTION

OF THE MOON and 775 just happens to be the reverse of his .577 constant AND the MOTION

OF THE MOON is what makes it appear to be a crescent at times from the earth . This happens

to be the symbol of Islam as well. Scroll down 50% . Google Euler 775 Moon or .

Further , Euler's constant first six digits is as follows: Google Euler 577216.

The number 216 is code for the antichrist: .

The meaning of a reversed crescent has not been answered yet but could the symbology mean

The crescent moon is the antichrist? Or those that oppose it or reverse it? .


Buckingham Palace has 775 rooms: .

Prince Charles grew up in Buckingham Palace .

There is evidence Prince Charles is a Reptilian: .

Coincidence or Conspiracy? The reader must decide...

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