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Antichrist Numbers 216 x 616 x 666 link to Tallest Man-made Tower

Additional investigation and so-called 'tweaking' the numbers related to evil in the pseudo

science of numerology, used by the illuminati almost never fails to find odd "coincidences" . The

present matter involves the multiplication of three now commonly used "Numbers of the Beast"

or the so-called antichrist. They happen to be as noted in the title, 216, 616, 666 - .

The digits which were discovered for the answer then linked the altitude of the world's tallest

bridge to the Renaissance skyscraper in Dallas, once tallest building in that city and skyscrapers

In China .

When the number 886 is added to itself or 886 + 886 = 1772. The altitude of the Ostankina

Tower in Russia, the tallest man-made structure in the world. Clearly , this is similar to the

Tower of Babel if only in passing. How odd that it happens to be this number combination.......

The reader must decide if this growing number of links is real or memorex,

conspiracy or coincidence. If it is not coincidence, then it is evidence of the looming global Beast

System , growing unseen like a cancer or hidden poison. The reader must then decide what

to do about it.


1. The number 216 is linked to the antichrist: .

2. The number 616 is , according to some scholars, the 'real' number of the beast:

3. 666 is the Number of the Great Beast of Revelations. This does not require verification.

4. The multiplication of these three numbers is found by going to , then insert -

216 x 616 x 666 = -. The answer is google is - 88 615 236 .

Let us look at the first three digits as in either feet or meters for the altitude of a building or

structure for investigation and analysis: 886.

886 :

5. The Renaissance Tower was once the tallest building, now second tallest building in Dallas.

Dallas, of course is on the 33rd parallel, in the Freemason created nation and now State of Texas.

The Renaissance Tower was built by HOK architects.

6. The french have recently dedicated the world's tallest bridge at 886 feet. It was built by a

french company to a design by Lord Foster. .

7. The twin Cullinan Towers in the PRC or People's Republic of China are both 886 feet tall. The

towers are named after the Cullinan Diamond , the largest in the world, found in 1905. The two

largest polished gems from the Cullinan diamond are now mounted on the Sceptre and Cross of

the Imperial State Crown in the British crown jewels. . This is interesting since the chinese

consider 888 to be a very , very lucky number... . 8 is the luckiest number and the chinese like three digit numbers.

The six is considered by itself to be less lucky. Why not just add two more feet to the building

named after the largest diamond found on earth, obviously a VERY lucky find???

8. Further, the diamond angle is strenghtened because the diamond shape is on the top of the

previously mentioned Renaissance Tower: Five mini towers with lighted diamonds. . A coincidence?

9. The Illuminati Diamond is an ambigram of the four elements of magick: Air, Earth , Fire , Water -

See depiction of Illuminati Diamond: / .

In Dan Brown's novel Angels and Demons , it has to do with the ritual slaying of a Pope .

10. The orbit of Saturn around the sun is 886 million miles. . Scroll down 90%.

11. What this means is that the Orbit of Saturn Coincides with the multiplication of 3 666 linked

numbers. Saturn is linked by some occultists to Satan: / * This writer believes
Mars a likelier malefic candidate but the decision is up to the reader**

12. Cell Towers are linked to a growing mind control apparatus across the USA and Canada.

An article on "Siting Cellular Towers:What You Need To Know/What You Need To Do

by the National League of Cities has as it's ISBN Number - 1-866152-36-5 *** The exact

numbers , in exact order as the same three satanic numbers multiplied together. Go to insert - 886,152,36 - . The Author is Collaboration. It was published in 1997.

13 Cell Towers used for or disguised for other technologies for Mind Control: / / concealed Cell Towers are big business - .

14. 886 + 886 = 1772. The number of feet of the tallest structure made by humans in the world,

until 2003** . The Ostankina Tower. This record was once held

of course, by the Tower of Babel , which G-d destroyed.


It appears that the interlaced network of illuminati control spreads wherever the system

controlled by or involved with new high technology systems goes. This may be further evidence

or coincidence. The reader must, as always, decide. On an odd note, the planet Saturn takes

59 years to revolve twice around the sun , or the amount of its orbit doubled like the Ostankina

Tower's height. This coincides with an ancient greek idea of a 59 year cycle for a calendar linked

to Oenopides and Philolaus a pythagorean mathematician. .

The time it takes Saturn to orbit once around the sun is 29.5 years. .

The Ostankino Tower burned in the Year 2000. .

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