Sunday, February 3, 2008

Pi x Phi x e links Jin Mao and Petronas Towers to Pythagoras Tablet

The illuminati love nothing more than showing off how "clever" they are. Their machinations of

evil provide them with a great thrill if they can "hide in plain sight". The illuminati and the

entities that they serve, appear to utilize a numerological based science , known to most of us as

magic or magick. The purpose of this article and similar ones by this writer is to expose this

evil, to the extent of his limited abilities, for the reader. The Truth , as Jesus said, will set you

Free. It will also horrify you once you begin to get even a glimmer of understanding of the vast

and powerful nature of the adversary. However, this is true - in the end we win - they lose.

The current article deals with a recently discovered connection between the irrational

numbers, pi , phi -the Golden Ratio, and e -the euler number, and the Jin Mao Tower , tallest

building in China AND the numbers on the Pythagoras Mystery Tablet and the Petronas

Towers in Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia.

These towers and the skyscraper model in general are merely wanna-be replicas of the Tower

of Babel. Man or men in the League of Evil known as the Illuminati that, like Nimrod. would try

to "become like unto G-d" by reaching for the Heavens themselves. An architectural ritual

portraying their master lucifer's attempt to pierce the sky and "take heaven by storm".

That attempt is the purpose of this article to assist in the continuance of that failure.


1. pi , phi and e are so-called irrational numbers in mathematical theory. Allegedly they were

discovered by Hippasus, a student of Pythagoras. This went against Pythagoras' theory and

belief that all numbers had perfect values and Hippasus was murdered by drowning for his

unfortunate discovery. .

2. Using a formula discovered or revealed to this writer in other articles one goes to , then inserts the following: pi x phi x e = . The answer is the following:

pi x the golden ratio x e = 13.8175802

3. Using the same formula one then seeks patterns with the first four or so numbers. This can

be lines of Latitude or Longitude. This can be height -either meters or feet. It can be an

address or other matters alone or in combination with the same number.

4. The Jin Mao Tower is the tallest building in China. (at least until late 2007) .

5. It happens to "coincidentally" be 1,381 feet or the same numbers as the multiplication of

the three irrational numbers first four digits. As a side note, Pythagoras did not believe in

coincidence either. / / .

6. The Tower is in fact a mystical spear of satan piercing heaven in 3-D. Look at photo for proof

- an illuminist structure if there ever was one. .

7. Satan used a spear as his weapon in the War in Heaven. It is the preferred weapon of his

fallen legions. .

8. The Petronas Towers have previously been linked to the Illuminati: and

both buildings have 88 floors. .

9. 88 is nazi or neo-nazi slang / code for Heil Hitler. Scroll to bottom .

10. Hitler was associated with the Swastika. Buddha has been associated with the Swastika. It is

an eastern symbol used or misused by the nazis. Buddha Swastika = .

11. In China, there is an 88 meter Buddha statue made of Bronze, largest in the world. and 88 sacred places.

12. Scroll to bottom for 88 financial instituions funding research by nazis into 88 oriental thought.

There is a very dark link between left hand path eastern spiritual practices and the nazis. .

Clearly there is a numerology aspect to having 88 floors in Petronas and Jin Mao - then why not

for the height in feet of 1381 being the sum of the multiplication of pi, phi and e?

13. The Petronas Towers are 452 meters in height. They have an 8 pointed star in their design. /

14. This writer accidentally discovered a connection between the Pythagoras Mystery Tablet

and the number 452. The number appears to be linked with a portal or portals between Heaven

and Hell. .

15. "When viewed in plan, the towers appear as two overlapping squares-interlocking heaven

and earth, to create an eight pointed star..." . Interlocking Heaven and Earth

means to this writer... a portal. Someone else appears to have discovered the 452 number in the

tablet prior to this writer.

16. The 8 pointed Star is a symbol of the Knights of Malta. . google eight pointed star knights malta.

17. Some believe the Knights of Malta are linked to the Illuminati: scroll down to Knights of

Malta. .


The true nature of the spears of evil is now exposed. Pythagoras was wrong about irrational

numbers, they did exist. He was correct about Coincidence does not exist. These

numerical connections....are by design.

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