Sunday, February 24, 2008

666 Cubed links Fountain of Youth and The Alamo

Additional information has been uncovered regarding the analysis of advanced illuminati

numerology. This happens to link the oldest city in the USA and reputed site of the Fountain of

Youth to the Birth of Masonic Texas in the Battle of the Alamo. The numbers are there. Please

do the math, but as always the reader must determine his or her own truth.

1. 666 x 666 x 666 = 295 408 296 . The first four digits , if extrapolated into lines of latitude or

longitude seems to come up with bizarre results. Are they coincidences ?- you must decide.

2. Latitude 29.54 N. runs through St. Augustine , Florida. .

3. St. Augustine is the oldest city in the USA. It is also the site chosen as the likely place for the

Fountain of Youth.

4. The oldest city in the USA and the Fountain of Youth are located on a line of longitude easily

extrapolated from the concept of 666 Cubed - or 666 in width , length, height or 3 dimensions.

5. The Masonic Lone Pentagram State of Texas , which straddles the 33rd Parallel was 'born' in

San Antonio, Texas at the Battle of the Alamo. The latitude of San Antonio, Texas is, as you have

guessed... San Antonio International Airport 29.54 Longitude N. scroll down 30% .


6. It began on February 23 - The Number 23.

March 6 or 3-6 or 3 sixes. The Number 36 linked to 666: .

Year 1836: 18 is 6+6+6/ 36 see above. The Battle Lasted 13 days. .
google Alamo March 6 - .

Interestingly both Texas and Florida were spanish colonies now owned by the masonic lodge

that runs the USA. The Bush brothers led record numbers of executions as governors of both

States at the same time...something unheard of in human history. 666 runs through it........


Oddly enough, also a spanish colony , invaded by the masonic forces of the USA in 1898. This

was one of many false flag wars of which 9/11 is just one. Mt. Apo is the tallest peak in the

Phillipines, a US colony and total satrapy until just recently. .

Local folklore claims that Mt. Apo is the home of powerful evil spirits... The evil spirits that

resided there were appeased by the local pagan tribes with human sacrifice. . More coincidence???

Mt. Apo is 2,954 meters in height.

The Alamo was the bloodbath that baptized the creation of the Masonic entity that would bring

JFK assassin President Johnson and Iraq wars Presidents Bush 41 and 43 to the White House.

War , War and War without end when Texas satanists are in power - true or not? Vietnam and

Iraq. What more can be said ... the reptilians must be fed.

As to the Fountain of Youth , is it a myth or truth? That is unknown. What is known is that

Dr. Faust , in the legend , sold his soul for eternal youth. .

Maybe this is what lies behind the legendary fountain. Again, too many odd links and dots that

connect...but it is the reader that decides - Conspiracy or Coincidence? The Devil is in the details.

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