Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Swiss 666 Firm tries to shut down Wikileaks

While doing research into other matters, the following information was discovered regarding a

so-called whistleblower website that exposes suspected or alleged wrongdoing of one kind or

another. It is called Wikileaks. This article does not express an opinion one way or the other

about the veracity of the information on the site or the merits of its allegations or lawsuits

pertaining to any controversy therein. The following information is provided to the reader as a

curiosity only.

This writer had a "hunch" that something odd would be found as to the Bank that used its

lawyers to shut down or order shut down the "leaker" website. Odd does not mean illegal. It

merely means odd. The entity in question is Julius Baer Bank of Switzerland. One of the

largest private banking institutions in that country.

See info / background on Wikileaks: .

See info /background on Julius Baer Bank: .

Julius Baer managers are well paid: .

Wikileaks is supposedly run by dissidents and is a place to post materials that could cause a

leaker in many countries to be killed or jailed. Who or what is really behind the group is

unknown. They may be effectuating a public service or being unfair to other parties - the reader

must decide.

This writer googled Julius Baer 555 and found nothing. This writer googled 333 and found

nothing. This writer googled Julius Baer 666 and found the following:

"Julius Baer, whose principal executive offices are at Bahnhofstr, 36 , P.O. Box 666 CH-8010

Zurich..." .

also: Same strange address at . It is also curious to note that

the street address of 36 is linked to 666 , since the sum of all the integers in 36 equals 666 and

the square root of 36 is 6. .

Further, the 8010 is 81 and reversed is 18 which is / could be 6+6+6.

Further, the name Baer means BEAR. This is an animal sacred to the Merovingians. .

The Order of Sion or predecessor to the Priory of Sion was led by a monk named Ursus. This is

the roman/latin name for Bear. scroll down 20% .

This odd numerology may be just coincidence or it may be a link to the Illuminati. The reader

must decide. One odd connection is that Julius Baer , according to the following link "welcomed"

doing business with Iran. The Judge that smashed wikileaks , Jeffrey White, is a Bush appointee

so in effect, the jurist is doing a 'favor' to Iran even as the Cheney cabal talks of bombing the

country. Something very, very, strange is afoot here. The reader must determine what it is. . ( or google Julius Baer Iran) ...


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