Friday, February 15, 2008

Sine 666 links WTC to Nile River and Memphis Pyramid

The Sine is a mathematical formula linked to the Circle. The Sine curve formula. .

Research was conducted into the sine of 666 and this is what has been discovered to date:

1. The sine of 666 is found by going to , then insert sine 666 . The answer is

-0.0176416458. The first four digits are as noted 1764.

2. There is a connection to the number 1764 and the World Trade Center in NYC , now rubble.

The famous suspected illuminist architect Lord Foster had a proposal for a replacement twin

towers that would be, of course, 1764 feet. No one could figure out why he would not simply

make it 1776 feet tall - a mere difference of 12 feet that would coincide with the birth year of the

USA. .

3. In Goro Adachi's Time Rivers' Theory , key points on the Nile are matched up with the

Mississippi River. The Nile is linked to 17.64 degree N. .

4. The Nile River is a code written by a higher intelligence. The Nile has a city named Memphis

as does the Mississippi. .

5. Some believe the pyramid in Memphis , Tennessee is linked to the illuminati: .

6. The City of Memphis, Egypt is linked almost exactly to 666 cubed - .


The rivers of time keep flowing. The evidence keeps growing that much of the USA is designed

to make it a New Atlantis based on freemasonry based beliefs which originate in ancient Egypt.

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