Saturday, February 16, 2008

Hidden 666 links Oral Roberts to Russia Tower

The illuminati cancer is spreading its virus-like tentacles across our planet. No place is immune

from the evil. The only chance to stop it is by being aware of its existence. As had been stated

by others, the devil's most powerful weapon is the widespread belief in his non-existence. This

article and others like it , hope to challenge and change that ignorance into a counter-weapon for

good in service to G-d.

This particular article regards a coded 666 numerology that links Oral Roberts , who claimed to

have physically wrestled with the demon in his bathroom, and the proposed Russia Tower, the

tallest building in that country , if and when, completed.


1. Oral Roberts University is now mired in a financial scandal involving his son's alleged misuse

of school funds. There are unproven allegations regarding his wife and under-age males. and also -

the allegations speak of $1 Billion a year being "funneled" through the school. .

2. The number 216 is code for the vile abomination known as the antichrist. scroll to bottom and .

3. 216 + 216 + 216 = 648. * 6 + 4 + 8 = 18. * 18 is 6+6+6. The number 648 is in essence saying

666! 666! 666! - - it is a thrice repeated satanic chant .

4. Oral Roberts had a dream or revelation in which a 900 foot tall Jesus told him to build a

hospital to cure cancer. This vision of Jesus allegedly had him standing over Oral Robert's

City of Faith hospital (yet to be completed or built). .

5. The walls of the City of G-d , The New Jerusalem in the Book of Revelation are , some say 216 feet high and others 216 feet thick - scroll down 70% .

6. The Height of the City of Faith Hospital was 648 feet . When completed it was the tallest

building in Tulsa, Oklahoma. . Therefore, one

could say that illuminist Oral Roberts established 666 as ruling over Tulsa in secret.

The building is a thrice repeated satanic chant in steel , glass and concrete.

7. There is no need for secrecy anymore since now, the tallest building in Tulsa, designed by

the same architect as the WTC Twin Towers is exactly 666 feet need for codes. . 203 meters as stated in

the link is 666 feet. It is also THE NUMBER 23.

8. Russia has had a tortured history since the days of Yaroslav the Wise in the 10th century

A.D. Mongol invasions and Teutonic Knights attacks and then Hitler coinciding with the bloody

Communist Revolution , Stalin , WWII , WWI and then Afghanistan. Probably 50 million killed

since the 1905 Russo-Japanese war which they lost. This , does not include the fact that the

USSR was the first country to legalize abortion in 1920 and the average white russian woman is

more likely to have an abortion than deliver a baby. That goes hand in glove with a massive

white slavery operation that trafficks russian women to all corners of the globe. Russia is dying.

It is ruled by KGB operative Vladimir Putin, a member of the most evil group to walk the earth

if one judges by number of corpses created through violence.

9. The plan for the Russia Tower was for 648 Meters until security and anti-terror concerns

caused a scaling back of the tower. and the

architect was or is to be Lord Foster. .

Lord Foster and 648.

Lord Foster and 919 ( a metaphor for 666) see - and 919 is 616 with

upside down 9s. Turning 9s upside down or using the number 999 as code for 666 is a tool used

by satanists. and Al Gore 999 666 .

Since we can allude to 919 being 616 it is odd to note that some believe the real number of the

Great Beast of Revelations is 616. .

This will mean 666 over the vast Oil fields of Russia....


Lord Foster and 1764 (Sine of 666 - the antichrist is "The Man of Sin". Sin is the abbreviation in

mathematics for Sine...could the antichrist be the Man of SINE ? ) go to and

enter - sine 666 -. The first four digits are 1764. This is the altitude that Lord Foster proposed

for the altitude for the replacement Twin Towers design for the destroyed WTC complex. scroll

to bottom - . A lot of coincidence, don't you think?


The Beast System is being built brick by bloody brick - all around us, hidden in plain sight

while the masses watch soap operas, drink beer and wonder when Britney Spears will have

another photo taken of her without panties. It is this ignorance and the desire to say-it-ain't-so

that allows the illuminati to continue forward. When people awaken, they no longer believe the

lies. That is the first step. The next step is up to you........

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