Friday, December 25, 2009

Ohio Execution links to 666 Mcdonalds Numerology

The idea that the Death Penalty in the USA , if not elsewhere , is a form of human sacrifice

contains to gain credence due to increasing evidence of an illuminati numerology at work.

The recent execution in Ohio was no exception. It appears that the years-long lasting death

ritual known as an execution or Capital Punishment in the USA is an elaborate , macabre

energy gathering technology. The numbers of the dates , times and other numerical links always

seem to have an evil or unlucky number to them.

1. Single drug use for execution in Ohio was an experiment. .

2. Execution took place on December 8, 2009. .

3. 2009 was an Ordinary , not Leap , Year. Therefore, December 8 was the 342 nd Day of the

Year. .

4. 342 = 666 in base 7 .

5. The single drug used was sodium penthotal. The drug is manufactured by Abbott

Laboratories. .

6. The head of Abbott Labs at the time of the execution is Miles D. White. .

7. He serves as a Director of McDonalds: Since April 13 , 2009. .


McDonalds serves dead meat. Four legged animal meat. It also has a link to making two legged

human beings - dead meat. It fits. Think of this while munching on a Big Mac. Maybe that is

what Kenneth Biros had for his last meal.


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