Saturday, December 26, 2009

Northwest Flight 253 Shoe Bomber linked to 666

Yes...I know... not again. But sadly , facts are facts. The Illuminati are meth-heads or heroin

addicts when it comes to Numerology. Whether it is due to their perverse sense of evil humor or

whether the numbers themselves have power, they cannot stop doing everything-by-the

numbers. The new "shoe bomber" case is another illuminati hoax. They need to whip up a fury

or fervor every couple of months about "terrorism" and "Al-Qaeda" to keep the growing Fascist

Octopus of Government growing , while the sheeple tremble in fear.

1. The New Improved Shoe Bomber "Factual" Information on the Mass Media:

2. Flight 253. The Number 253 = 666 in Base 17 see: .

3. Father warned US Embassy about son previously but still allowed on Plane. This is similar

to the woman that attacked the Pope at Christmas Mass this year also tried to attack him last

year but was still allowed into St. Peter's Basilica , close enough to be near the Pope. If it was

the Pope and not a double. These kind of "Security lapses" are nonsense. These are planned or

staged events. They roil the public mind. Every time we collectively start forgetting about the

Big Lie called "The War on Terror", they have to stage events to get everyone back as they say

in U.S. Prisons , "On Program".

4. He was seated in seat 19A. .

19 Hijackers on 9/11. The number 19 again. A code in the Koran ostensibly based on the number

19. The letter A is the first letter of the alphabet. or Letter 1. 191. Oddly, the terrorists

classmates nickname for him was Alfa (as in Alpha , the letter A , the first letter of the alphabet).,2933,581193,00.html .

5. Further , the number 191 has a bizarre connection to 666 in that U.S. Route 666 has now

been renumbered Route 191. and .


The dutchman that subdued the hijacker on the Northwest Flight said he had a glazed or

incoherent look on his face. Was this terrorism or synthetic "terrorism" by a mind-controlled

illuminati stooge? You , reader , must decide.


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