Thursday, December 31, 2009

Airline Disaster Flight Numbers linked to 666

The modern day illuminati-controlled mass media is punctuated sporadically with "breaking

news" of an airline disaster or crash. This writer did an analysis of the number 666 in math

Bases other than ten. The results showed that all 3-digit permutations of 666 in bases other

than 10 matched nearly 100% to Flight crashes or disasters or bizarre incidents.

With the sheer volume of aircraft flying, this could be explained by random number sequence,

chance or large number theory. This writer does not dispute that. This writer does concede that.

This writer merely will show the reader the near 100% statistical correlation between number

666 in bases other than 10 and then , as always , the reader must decide the meaning, if any,

contained therein.


1. The number 666 - a Positive integer - analysis link: .

2. 820 , 556 , 476 , 358 , 253 , 210 , 186 , 131 are the three-digit numbers noted on the link

which form the equivalent of 666 in mathematical bases other than ten. In base 10 , the decimal

system , the number we know as 666 is 666. That is the system of numbers used in daily life.

(For those who may not be clear on the mathematics)...

3. Flight 820 -

4. Flight 556 -

5. Flight 476-

6. Flight 358- another Flight 358 crash at

7. Flight 253-

8. Flight 210-

9. Flight 131- Illuminati Fiction Flight:

10. Flight 186- Illuminati Fiction Flight:


The next Illuminati inspired Airline "Terrorism" incident or plane crash will be either Flight

186 or less likely reality-imitates-art Flight 131. You read it here first. Both numbers will

come up in tragedy within 666 days of this posting. You read that first here as well.


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