Sunday, January 10, 2010

Airport Scanner link Deepak Chopra Chertoff Obama

There are many that believe that the recent "underwear bomber" on Flight 253 was another

illuminati scare tactic. Usually these tactics have a monetary element to them. Why not profit

while frightening the Sheeple ? - is their motto.

Research into this issue has brought forth the following facts. No one mentioned in this article

is accused or insinuated to be involved in anything illegal , immoral , unethical or improper. This

writer is merely providing the reader with facts , or information that appears to be factual,

regarding these links. The reader must do his or her own research and make up their own mind.

1. Barack Obama is a lawyer. He met his wife, Michelle Obama , also a lawyer , while working

at a law firm in Chicago. The law firm is the prestigious Sidley Austin firm. .

This link also mentions that Barack taught law school at the University of Chicago , a notorious

Rockefeller / Illuminati front. See: and
See 1891 date on following link: .

Michelle Obama worked for the University of Chicago Hospital system as well. .

The symbol for the University of Chicago is the illuminati phoenix rising from the ashes: .

2. Obama wants airport hi-tech scanners due to the bogus underwear bomber fiasco. In fact,

he allegedly ordered 1 Billion Dollars worth of them. .

3. Guru Deepak Chopra loves Obama. .

4. Oddly enough, a Deepak Chopra is the CEO of OSI Systems , whose subsidiary Rapiscan

makes airport screening machines of the kind that Obama is ordering the Department of

Homeland Security to buy. and .

5. OSI Systems is represented in Court by the same Sidley Austin law firm of the Obamas. .

"Sidley also represents clients before Customs & Border Protection ...

6. Former Department of Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff , with links alleged to

Zionist Intel , is the lobbyist for Rapiscan. .

See also: .


Please draw your own conclusion. There is a lot of money to be made in the 1 Billion dollar pie.

All of this thanks to a terrorist "underwear bomber" whose picture all of these soon-to-be-much

richer folks should put in a gold frame on their office wall.


Dixon Cannon said...

Wrong Deepak Chopra! A little research would reveal that the spiritual teacher is not the same Deepak Chopra that is the CEO! It is misinformation like yours that muddy's the water and makes people skeptics - it does not help the cause of Liberty. I expect that you will write a correction and retraction.

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