Thursday, January 21, 2010

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Reel Real Life Earthquake

The illuminati take us for fools. The more one thinks of it , the more one comes to the logical

conclusion that as to the vast masses of grazers , sheeple and brainwashed mass collective --

they are correct. The exceptions are many , but like the chinese say , the nail that sticks out gets

the hammer...until there are no nails that stick out - except on the crucifix of those who defy the


This is the second article in which this writer discusses the Illuminati Propaganda movie

"2012". In the movie , an actor portraying the actor Arnold Schwarzenegger who acts as the

Governor of California like Ronald Reagan the actor portrayed the Governor of California and

President of the USA (whew!!) - is giving a live television interview to tell the public that all is

well. As this happens in the movie , another quake hits and items began to shake and fall all

over the place as the words "all is well" leave his lips. 1. See the Movie. 2. Additional background

on the sinister ideology portrayed in the movie theme can be read at and .

Sometime after this writer saw the 2012 movie and wrote the article there was an earthquake

in California. Actor-playing-at-California-Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger was giving a live

interview to a zionist media reporter. Another earthquake supposedly hit during the live

interview , shaking and knocking some items to the ground. JUST LIKE THE MOVIE THAT

WAS IN MOVIE THEATRES. Seeing is believing , or at least , it used to be. See a video of the

"real" Terminator giving an interview during a quake. and

"when he speaks - things happen" .

Did he not flinch because the earthquake was staged and he is after all an actor . He had prior

knowledge of the bogus "earthquake" . More like a B.S. shake , if you ask this writer. For those

that wish to download the movie and see the "reel" life shake - rattle - and Terminator roll - go

to . Legality of doing this to be determined by

the reader.

A. Illuminati Background of Arnold Schwarzenegger:

Association with the zionist Rothschild satanic seed incarnations:

B. Who did the interview? A zionist reporter with links to former Department of Homeland

Security chief Michael Chertoff. David Gregory of MTP or Meet The Press.

See also: . David Gregory is married

to a high-profile prosecutor on the OKC bombing case of Timothy McVeigh. Beth Wilkinson - .

C. The Oklahoma City Bombing is suspected of being actually carried out by the black ops of

the US Government or NWO. .

D. As noted on the previous wiki link, Beth Wilkinson, the wife of David Gregory , who did the

staged earthquake interview of the Terminator, is a lawyer specializing in White Collar Criminal

Defense for the law firm of PAUL WEISS. This firm represents Sony , who owns Columbia

Pictures , whose movie 2012 , was directed by zionist Roland Emmerich. and .

Speaking of Hollywood fantasy , do you recall the Disney land song "It's a small world, after all?

How can all of these links be "coincidence"?

CONCLUSION: Is it Real or is it Memorex. There is no difference anymore between Real life

and movie story Reel life. The Illuminati continue to blur the difference between fact and fiction,

truth and lies , Earthquakes and staged events. The evildoers are connected. We must also be if

we are to resist their onslaught. The Truth will set us Free. But first , we must unhive our minds.

Like anti-apartheid activist , Stephen Biko , said prior to dying under torture in a South African


OPPRESSED. Free yourselves. Lift the fog from your eyes. Stop swallowing their lies. See the

Light - before the eternal dark engulfs us all, like the mega tsunami waves in 2012.


Charlie Ruland's Tennis Blog said...

1. The Pico Rivera CA quake occurred at 4:04.
2. It registered 4.4 magnitude
3. It was centered 4 miles from the epicenter of the 1987 Whittier Narrows quake (Now WHY would they report this detail--who cares whether it was 4 miles or 17 miles?)
4. The CA 4.4 quake is "half"of the 8.8 Chilean quake. (Numerically, not in actual strength)
5. The depth of the quake was 11 miles.
6. It occurred 11 miles east of downtown LA.
7. Perhaps unrelated to our California 4s, we have our 44th president sitting in office.
9. Most disturbingly, Easter Sunday falls on 4/4. Is the CA quake, enveloped in 4s, portending an event on 4/4? Is 4/4 now "in play"? (Answer: Yes, 7.2 earthquake has subsequently "gone off" on 4/4..but what does this mean?)
10 If you add up the complete date for Easter you get: 4 + 4 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 0 = 11
11. Finally, the Illuminati hate Jesus Christ. To carry out something on 4/4, Resurrection Day, would fill them with glee.
12. Is CA's 4.4 quake just a warm up for something bigger on 4/4? Yes it was "bigger" than the 4.4 in March but not a big deal..

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