Sunday, January 24, 2010

Great Tribulation linked to DNA Genetic Dialect

The key to deciphering the works of the Illuminati , in this writer's humble opinion, lies in

breaking their numerology-based Cryptologic communications network. It appears that all they

do has a number-related component. It is so pervasive a phenomenon that it appears to be

something they must do. Choice would not explain the intricacy and detail exhibited by these

numerical components that span centuries , at times , cultures and civilizations.

This writer was researching The Great Tribulation. The period of time when the horror-in-

human form , known as the son of perdition , the man of sin , the antichrist rules the Earth under

a future World Government , of which the UN forms the prototype.


1. The Great Tribulation lasts 1260 days: and also .

2. The day has 24 hours. Each hour has 60 minutes. The total number of minutes in 1260

days = 1,814,400. Do the math - 24 x 60 x 1260.

3. The number 1814400 has some curious qualities. It is 9!/2. What this means is that the

number is 9 x 8 x 7 x 6 x 5 x 4 x 3 x 2 x 1 divided by 2. If one simply goes with 9! and does not

divide by 2 , then the answer is twice 1814400 or 362880. The Positive Integer 362880 has

many divisors. Including , 216 which is 6 x 6 x 6 and the number of the antichrist in the Left

Behind novel series. Also present is 2268 which is associated with the Nineveh Constant. Half of

2268 is 1134 which spells hell upside down (try it). .

4. The number 1814400 is linked to the Lo-Shun magic square 1-9 and the swastika. It is

linked to the number 144 gematria for light and the radii of the earth and moon combined.

The Nineveh Constant divided into the number begins this process. Scroll down 25 %. .

5. The hindu vedic literature the number 1814400 combines astrology , the human body and

"the number of DNA molecules in genetic dialect formations". .

"Even for just 10 loci on a chromosome, there are 1,814,400 possible orders." .


There are those that believe that the son of perdition will come from a satanic bloodline. This

article provides a possible link between the time of his rule in minutes and the genetic code. It is

possible that the time element is a cover or screen for actual information about the bloodline. It

is possible that if one exposes the exact bloodline - one can stop the abomination from entering

our plane of existence. Who can tell? More research into this are remains to be done. The time

is not infinite. We are running out of time. We are close to the start of the 1814400 minutes. Are

you ready?


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