Sunday, January 10, 2010

Airport Scanner link to Illuminati Population Control

The Illuminati seek to control the number of humans on the planet. They believe that 500

million is a "manageable" number. Many of the Population control / reduction or "planning"

agencies and organizations had their start with Illuminist funding and direction. This writer has

found an interesting link between an Airport Scanner machine company and the illuminist goal

of population reduction. Whether this link is coincidence or design is up to the reader to decide.

1. L3 Systems is , among other things , into the Airport Full Body Scanner business. It expects

business to go up as a result of the false flag "underwear bomber" attack on a US airliner. It has

an independent member of the Board of Directors named Robert B. Millard . .

2. Mr. Millard is a trustee of the Population Council.
and also on the infamous Council on Foreign Relations. .

3. The Rockefeller link exists at the forefront of the Illuminati Agenda to control human

population numbers to something more of their liking. The Population Council is their vehicle. and See Major General Frederick Osborn also

"John D. Rockefeller III of the Population Council said in 1953 "Eugenic goals are most likely to
be attained under a name other than eugenics." .

4. There are also links to Abortion and the Human Organ Trade (allegedly - reader must do own research) . " ... Population Council , inventors of Norplant and holders of US patent rights to
RU 486." .


So far , so good. The brainwashed underwear bomber undoubtedly fried to cinders his own

genitals. Since he will likely not be propagating more offspring, should this be considered a

"victory" for the Population Council or maybe.....Planned UnParenthood? Who are these people

that run the US economy? Who are these elitists? Possibly they should sterilize themselves.

I would donate money to the Population Council , if that were the case.

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