Sunday, January 10, 2010

Red China mole Controls USA Technology Transfers

The illuminati have but one goal and purpose. To build a world government that will serve as

the bureaucratic enforcement mechanism / machinery for the "Man of Sin" or the antichrist to

establish his reign and dominion over Earth. Everything else is secondary. Everything else is

meaningless. This is what they are about down to the quantum physics sub-molecular level.

This writer believes that the Man of Sin will be Sino. He will be Chinese. This has been known

to the highest level Black Adepts for some time now. They used and use their coven system at

Yale University , in particular the Skull and Bones Society to further this process. For the man of

sin to rise , China , the Red Dragon , had to rise under the Zionist ideology of Karl Mordecai aka

Karl Marx. A philosophy of mass murder. Tens of millions dead in what Rockefeller described

glowingly as a "social experiment". However , the Communist ideology is useless when it comes

to Research and Development and innovation. Since the technology needed to create the asian

superpower could not be made indigenously , it had to be EXPORTED to them. This article

exposes the links to this evil and the man that now controls the green light on the export of

dual use and sensitive technology to the Red Serpent whose philosophy towards Christ is to

"strangle the baby in the manger".

1. Critical role played by Yale University in the establishment of Mao Tse Tung and his version

of Marxism / Communism in what is now known as The People's Republic of China. .

2. Under President Bill Clinton , technology transfer control went from the Pentagon to The

Department of Commerce. Bill Clinton was heavily influenced by Chinese money and agents. and .

3. In fact , Bill "Clinton" is in fact the illegtimate spawn of Rockefeller satanic seed. .

4. Bill Clinton and Hillary Rodham Clinton both met at Yale Law School - similar to Obama and

Michelle meeting at a Chicago Law firm. "Under the administration of President William J.

Clinton , the Commerce Department became an area of security concern." .

5. Today , Hillary is the Secretary of State and one of her first acts was to publicly state that

human rights abuses in China were no longer of concern to the USA. Appointed to the position of

Secretary of Commerce is Gary Locke. Mr. Locke is half chinese and chinese is his native

language. He was governor of the State of Washington.

After leaving Office he practiced law specializing in trade with China.

6. Gary Locke is a graduate of Yale. .

7. Missile control technology transfers to China are now delegated to Gary Locke. .

8. President Obama's half-brother is a full time resident of China. .


There is no Red White and Blue anymore. It is all becoming one large red flag. The die is cast.

The game is nearly over. There is very little time to stop what is coming. Are you up to it? Or

will you graze like sheeple until they come for take you off to slaughter.


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