Saturday, December 26, 2009

Communist Manifesto links Pi and 666

The most murderous ideology ever imagined was formed on the concept of helping the poor,

downtrodden masses of workers achieve a better life. Communism was created by a zionist

named Karl Mordecai. He changed his name to Karl Marx. He published his most famous work,

the Communist Manifesto on February 21, 1848. There is an interesting numerology to this

date. It may help prove the theory or add credence to the theory that the true inspiration for

the works of Karl Marx was Satan. .

The 21st of February is the 52nd day of the Year. In an Ordinary Year , there are 313 days

left in the year. . In a Leap Year there are 314 days

left in the year.

The number 313 is associated with 666: "...the sum of two consecutive palindromic primes:

666 = 313 + 353." .

The number 314 is associated with Pi: .

666 is the sum of the squares of the first seven prime numbers. This includes the number 52. .


Karl Marx left this world to join his infernal master in the ever-burning lake of fire on Pi day.

March 14 or 3-14. and .

February 21 is also the Roman/Pagan all souls day. . The date February 21 is also linked to mind

control and ritual abuse. .


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