Monday, December 7, 2009

2012 Movie Exposed as Illuminati Propaganda

This writer went to see the new 2012 movie , showing presently in USA movie theatres ,

yesterday. *** If you read further , please be warned that parts of the movie , plot and ending

will be discussed ***. You may wish to see the film before reading this.

To begin with, the movie is worth seeing. The special effects and so forth are certainly very

entertaining. This article in no way calls for a boycott. In fact , the opposite. It is the most naked

slavish and bootlicking piece of pro- Illuminati propaganda you can go to see in recent memory.

It is something along the lines of the Nazi propaganda movies or Birth of a Nation that made

the neo-masonic KKK out to be heroic figures.

The plot begins with an Indian scientist discovering that Solar flares are causing massive

amounts of neutrinos to settle in the Earth's core , heating it and making the crust or mantle

liquefy and thus become unstable. This leads to massive ground movements , tsunamis and

ultimately Polar shift. The new North Pole is in Wisconsin. The Himalayas go under water and

Africa rises by thousands of feet. All of this happens according to the mayan end times calendar

currently slated for 2012.

Illuminati Propaganda Exposures:

1. The heads of State of certain nations get together to plan for their survival and that of the

human race by building arks in the himalayan region of Tibet. Red China is a key player in this

effort. Their occupation of Tibet is "good". It provides the only way to save mankind. Tibetans

are portrayed as ignorant peasants that cannot read or write. The one that can weld and agrees

to serve the Chinese survives. The rest are relocated forcibly from their village. This is "good"

because it is "necessary" to save the human race. The Tibetans and their way of life are thus, an

impediment to human survival , that but for the Chinese Communist Party , would become


2. The head of the Louvre Museum is murdered when he tries to expose the truth. This is also

shown to be "good" because if the truth were known , the arks would never be built and our

species would be destroyed with no hope of survival. To be an Enemy of the State is to also be ,

as said in the movie , "An enemy of Mankind". A list of the many who had been murdered in

trying to expose a gigantic global conspiracy and lie is in fact acceptable , because the Truth is

the enemy , those who lie , plot and scheme to save themselves at the expense of others are

doing the right thing.

3. Anyone who believes in Christ is a fool and ends up destroyed. The ficitonal President of the

USA prays and dies. The huge statue of Christ on top of the mountain besides , Rio de Janeiro,

Brazil crumbles. Brazil, the largest Roman Catholic country in the world goes underwater.

Of all the monuments that one could show being destroyed on Earth and in Europe, in particular,

the Vatican is shown falling to dust with the Cardinals praying inside. No Jewish or Muslim

Holy sites are seen being destroyed. A russian pilot who miraculously survives a landing on a

glacier in the Tibetan plateau , makes the sign of the Cross and immediately the plane slides off

into a vast chasm and explodes on the bottom. Any reference to Christianity is met by utter

destruction and death. The G-D of this faith , clearly , in the movie , has no power to save those

who believe in him.

4. Tibetan Buddhism is destroyed utterly by the giant Tsunami waves that sweep much of the

world. The lone monk at the mountaintop dies ringing a massive gong. This is reminiscent of the

gong show. GONE show. The only monk that lives is the one whose brother works for the Red

Chinese occupiers as a welder. His attempt to save his family almost causes one of the arks to

sink. The Point Being: Tibetans are treacherous and dangerous people. Nothing related to China

is seen being destroyed. No Chinese are seen dying.

5. The enemies of China are destroyed. Japan goes underwater. It is an ancient and hated

enemy of the Chinese. The Indian scientist that literally saves the human species dies when a

massive wave hits India. There was no rescue attempt as promised for him or his family. India

a competitor with China in Asia is no more.

6. The President of Italy does not make it to the arks. He decides to stay home and trust in

prayer. Presumably , Catholic prayer. He dies. The 2 of 8 world leaders who show any belief in

God or Jesus - die. The others all survive.

7. The ultra-rich are allowed to buy tickets on the arks. The movie makes this acceptable

because private enterprise money ( Capitalism) was necessary to pay for the vast project in the

highest mountains of the world.

8. People are also shown to have been given tickets for a berth on the arks due to their being

chosen for genetic characteristics. This clearly and loudly IMPLIES that mass genetic testing

had to be conducted across the world in secret to make this selection process work. The actors

that are shown when this is stated are all white. The message here is that the vast effort by the

USA and other governments to collect DNA samples is "good" and for a "noble purpose" of

finding only the "best" of the human population to survive the 2012 earth changes. What the

selected traits are that these people are chosen for is never said.

9. It is almost as if the People's Republic of China Propaganda commissars wrote the script for

the movie. Their enemies, India , Japan , the hated USA and the Tibetans whose occupation

causes the maoists so much grief - are all destroyed. The Catholic Church whom they suppress

and whose stated goal is to "strangle the baby in the manger" are all seen eradicated. The

chinese are see as a can-do nation that saves the rest of mankind that depends on them for

their survival.

10. The movie was created by a Zionist. Dark children die. The Indian , Tibetan and Japanese

children all perish. What are clearly zionist children (see the movie and look at the two twin

"russian" boys) all survive. Only Zionist and or White European children are seen (to this

writer's imperfect recollection) as surviving the end times. "Survival of the Fittest" and , of

course , the offspring of the Zionists are "the fittest". See the movie yourself before you accuse

this writer of prejudice or anti-this or anti-that. The Saudi Royal Family and the Queen of

England and her little dogs survive. The Indian scientist , whose country was a piece of property

owned by the ancestors of that Queen cannot be saved - even though he personally saves the

human species. Her dogs are more important than the wogs. This is the message.

11. The Government is exposed as conducting a massive surveillance program on citizens. This

is seen as "necessary" because if word were to leak - the arks would sink. Thus , a total , all

pervasive snooping system is "necessary" . Privacy is not a right. It is not a privilege or a toy.

It is a danger to the survival of the species. Only what the elite do should remain secret and

private, it is -trust them- all for good reason.

12. The movie ends with the arks headed for the Drakensberg Mountains of South Africa.

The map of Africa , as seen from outer space , clearly resembles a human skull. See the movie

to verify this. Drakensberg means Mountain of the Dragons. The remnants of mankind chart

their course to a Brave New World and refuge symbolized by a human skull and a dragon.


In the Bible , G-D , drafts a Covenant with the survivors of the Great Flood , that never again

will he destroy the world by water. This movie turns G-D into a liar or , there is no God at all.

The truth is Marxism. Without Marxism there would be no People's Republic of China and no

future for the Human species or most of life on Earth itself. Humanity can only be saved by

science and a ruthless governance apparatus that , like mother, "always knows best". The

Illuminati Capitalist class is also "good" because without the money derived from their obscene

profits , the survival machinery for mankind could not be paid for. The Elite , if fact , according

to this movie DESERVE TO SURVIVE. What did you expect life to be--- fair? Think of the big ,

really big picture. The Illuminati satanists ... are ... yes... really the good guys after all. Those,

who follow Christ's admonition to "seek the Truth and it shall set you free" are enemies of

humanity and killing them is good policy. Lies create safety. The Truth creates disaster.

The movie 2012 is absolutely fascinating. It deserves an Oscar for Brainwashing Sheeple. It is

a must see for those involved in the struggle. See it with an Unhived Mind , not with Eyes Wide



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