Sunday, November 29, 2009

V for Vendetta and 2012 link to Ft. Hood Holocaust

Not surprisingly , for those who keep up with today's tragic events, the Illuminati were behind

the massacre of soldiers by a brainwashed MK-Ultra muslim assassin at Ft. Hood on November

5 , 2009. You say - "Prove it". I say - read the following and see if you can look in the mirror and

with a straight face still say "coincidences".

1. 13 Dead and 31 injured. The unlucky number forward and backward.

2. The attack began at 1:30 p.m which is -coincidentally - 1330 hours military time. In fact, the

exact time the attack happened was 13:31 hours GMT. "At approximately 1330 hours today" . The attack was clearly ongoing at full blast at 1331 hours.

3. Ft. Hood , Texas is -coincidentally - located at - you guessed it! 31.13 Latitude N. .

Now , please stop there and think. Can this be a "joke" , can this be "real" , but above all , can

this be coincidence? But there is yet more.

4. The Mayan calendar lists the Start of the current age as the Year 1331 B.C. The current age

ends on 12-21-2012 . " The cycle of 13 Baktuns begins in the year 1331 B.C. ..."

5. 1331 is the 4th row in Pascal's Triangle which has been linked to 666. scroll down 30%.

6. November 5 , in an ordinary year , is the 309th day of the year. 309 is 3 x 103. If we take

the zero out of 309 (zero has no value in numerology) we have 39 which is 3 x 13 or the unlucky

number tripled. 313 is a palindromic number. It is the same forward or backwards. When added

to another palindromic number 353 , it adds up to 666. In the occult , the number 9 is a cover

for 6. Thus , 999 is a metaphor for 666. If we make 309 into 306 , then we have the number

that in ancient Sumer was the symbol for the upside down pentagram. Take out the zero and

you have 36 - a number closely associated with 666. Verification: and also and .

7. However , the date November 5 is much more than that. It is the day in which the Guy

Fawkes Gunpowder plot is celebrated in Great Britain. He tried to blow up Parliament. He

was further memorialized in the hit movie V for Vendetta. This movie has been linked to the

Illuminati. and also illuminati links at and .

8. The killer at Fort Hood also went to Virginia Tech. There are suspicions that this college is

near a secret underground mind control facility. and .

9. Numerological connection to Mayan Apocalypse 2012:

By looking at a date/time online calculator , this writer was able to determine that if one does not

count November 5 , 2009 and December 21 , 2012 , but does count all the days in between , it

amounts to a total of 163 weeks. This could also be said to be 1141 Days. .

10. The Number 163 is allegedly the "coolest" number and is linked to Barack Obama , 666

and President George H.W. Bush. .

11. If you add 613 days to November 5 , 2009 the date is July 11 , 2011. Or 7-11-11 or 11-7-11

The Bombay India Train blasts took place on July 11 or 7-11 04 11-7. The number 613 is linked

to Zionism , since that is the number of laws in the Torah. If you add 616 to the November 5

date , you have July 14 or Bastille Day. Some say 616 is the real number of the Beast.

12. The Date of 11-7-11 turned into 11711 has an exact placement in the first ten thousand

digits of the Golden Ratio. .

The other way the date can be written is 71111. This number sequence falls within the first

10,000 digits of the square root of 2 - an irrational number.

If you add 666 days to November 5 , 2009 you end up with September 2, 2011. The 245th day

of the year (in Ordinary years). . This is the alleged

number of steps in the Temple of the Sun , in Teotihuacan , Mexico City , where vast human

sacrifice occured to appease reptilian deities under the aztecs. There is also a link to the Euler

Constant of .577 since 5 x 7 x 7 = 245 . .

13. The numbers behind the Square root of 2 figure in the 9/11 attacks. .


On the day of the V for Vendetta Gunpowder Plot , a mind-controlled killer unleashes death

by remote control. This happens at latitude 31.13. The time is 1331 hours. The dead are 13 and

the wounded are 31. This is all verifiable. Then there is the connection to Virginia Tech and the

multifaceted accompanied numerology that you have seen and can replicate. Can you still look

yourself in the mirror and parrot "it's just a coincidence"? Or have you finally seen the light?


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