Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Al Qaeda Thoth 363 Birthday link to Left Behind 216

Everyone forgets these days or is not allowed to remember that the terrorist organization

known as Al Qaeda was created , funded and trained by the three letter Intelligence Agency

foremost in the USA. That is forgotten. That is gradually being erased from the brainwashed

minds of the sheeple in America and elsewhere.

Previous writings by this writer have shown a link between the so-called "Birthday" of AQ

and the ancient egyptian moon god - Thoth. .

The gist of the previous article is that December 29 , the "birthday" happens to be the 363rd

day of the year. The number 363 happens to be asssociated with Thoth , the god of the moon

among many things , the crescent moon being symbolic of Islam. Thoth is also the god of magic

and for purposes of the present article - time...

The way in which we measure time is based on what has been called the Anglo-Babylonian

measurement system. The day does not have 24 has been divided into that. All of

these measurements we use today stem from the black magick Babylon-the-fallen culture. That

is fact. .

The Left Behind , semi-fictional series about the END TIMES , feature an antichrist that used

the number 216 to mimick 666. This because 6 x 6 x 6 = 216. See: .

Again, Thoth is the god of TIME. Also , the deity that rules over measurements - in particular

for this matter, how we MEASURE TIME. SEE: scroll down 40% and .

This writer awoke the other morning at 3:36 a.m. He began to wonder why at this time. Then

it dawned on him. This is actually the 36th minute of the 3rd hour of the day or 363. The Thoth

number. IT JUST SO HAPPENS THAT 3:36 a.m. is the 216th minute of the day or

as you know 6 minutes x 6 minutes times 6 minutes.

AL QAEDA was born on December 29 , the 363rd day of the year. Day 666. Coincidence or

Illuminati conspiracy? The reader must decide.

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