Sunday, November 15, 2009

Teotihuacan Unit links Solar Matrix to Confederacy

There is a volume of evidence that indicates that the southern USA slavery States known as

Confederacy of the Confederate States of America had links to the Occult and Freemasonry.

See: and .

Freemasons worship the Sun:

The Aztecs formed the Capital of their empire at Teotihuacan. Modern day, Mexico City.

They had slaves. They worshipped the Sun. and also .

The First Confederate Capital was Montgomery , Alabama. The longitude of Montgomery

is 86.4 W. .

The Temple of the Sun in Teotihuacan is 864 so-called Teotihuacan Units. .


The Confederate Capital was only briefly in Montgomery. It then moved to Richmond ,

Virginia. It was sort of a brand or baptism. The Confederacy was born there. Then moved on.

The Klan founded by Uber-Freemason Albert Pike, has been described as "Neo-Aztec". .

Could it be that the location chosen for the Birth of the Confederacy was based on illuminati

numerology? The reader must decide. However, one more bit of evidence must be considered.

Our system of numbering days , weeks , feet , yards is based on what has been called the

Anglo-Babylonian system. .

864 feet just "coincidentally" happens to be 10368 inches. The number 10368 happens to

coincide directly with the Solar Matrix (again The Sun or a Solar connection) and also .

216 is the number of the antichrist in the semifictional Left Behind Series. Why? Because it is

the total of 6 x 6 x 6. 216 divided directly into 864 a total of 4 times exactly. The numbers 666

and 864 figure prominently in the concept of The New Jerusalem. .

The concept of The New Jerusalem was important for Albert Pike: .

Again...Coincidence? You decide.

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