Sunday, November 1, 2009

PopStar Madonna Birthday Numerology link to 666

Madonna , the popstar sensation , took the music world by storm years ago with her album

"like a virgin". Since then she has done everything to blaspheme Jesus Christ and his mother ,

known as the Virgin Mary to Christians and Catholics. She is in essence , behavior , philosophy

and spiritual energy , not like a virgin at all but more like a mini-Great Whore of Babylon.

See Background for Madonna / Female Antichrist - GWBabylon:

1. and also and .

2. Madonna was born on August 16 or 8 - 16. This could also be reversed as done in Europe,

and we would have 16-8. We therefore have the numbers 816 and 168. .

3. The number 816 is the sum of the proper divisors of 666. .

4. The number 168 is linked to 666 because in Buddhism "the total number of hells is 168." .

5. The 168 number and disaster at .

6. The 168th day of the Year in a Leap Year is June 16. This is 6-16 or 616. The number 616

is considered by some to be the "real" number of the beast, not 666. and 616 = 666 at .


Madonna is a retrograde , qlippothic soul born into this world to add "glamour" and "sexiness"

to evil. To make a mockery of that which many consider holy. The numbers do not lie. The

illuminati seem bound to follow a numerical process or code. The key is to decipher it. Then ,

armed with knowledge , to expose and defeat them.


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