Thursday, September 24, 2009

256 Voodoo gods created modern Computer Era

There are a series of odd coincidences that have to do with zip codes. One of them of course is

the well known Sears (now Willis) Tower being in zip code 60606. While conducting research

into the number 256 , the number used in computer programming and the number of shades of

grey recognizable by the human eye, this writer discovered another odd link.

See Background: a) Sears Tower 666 - ; b) "256 paths of Elegua and these correspond to the 256 Oduin of the Ifa

Corpus. (Interestingly the human eye can distinguish between 256 shades of grey" -scroll down to Elegua section.

1. 256 x 256 = 65536

2. 65536 happens to be the number of charts available in Geomancy. scroll down halfway - .

3. The number 256 features prominently in Computer Programming. September 13 in

Ordinary years or the 12th in a Leap year is called Computer Programmers day. Computers

are based on the binary mathematical system. This is a base 2 system in which all numbers are

zero or one. The base 2 system comes from and has long been widely applied in sub-saharan

Africa. "Partly inspired by the geomantic technique, Gottfried Leibniz , a German mathematician

developed the binary code theory, which later was the base for Boolean algebra and modern

computers." scroll down 90% .

4. Leibniz may have been a Rosicrucian : "By the end of the seventeenth century many

prominent men (among them the german philosopher Leibniz) were identified with the

Rosicrucians." Scroll down 50% .

5. See: "Cosmic Geomancy: A Rosicrucian Viewpoint .

6. The Binary system thought of by Leibniz led to the first computers and it comes from the

bongo drum beating heart of jungle-filled Africa. Then , the language of the Computer world is

associated around the number 256, which happens to be the number of gods in the Voodoo or

Ifa pantheon. Can this be coincidence?

7. Then we get to Zip Code 65536 , which happens to be for Lebanon, Missouri. This town had

a resort built around its famous supernatural Magnetic Water. There also happens to be exactly

65536 "different charts in Western geomancy" .

8. As noted in the previous wiki link, the 65536 number is used by Motorola. That company is

allegedly building the implantable 666 chip. .

9. The symbol of Motorola is Bat Wings... a symbol associated with the powers of darkness. .

10. Lebanon , Missouri and Magnetic Water at zip code 65536 = .

11. Feng Shui is a form of geomancy. In Chinese it means WIND and WATER. .

Again, the connection cannot be coincidence by any stretch of logic or mathematical reasoning.


The modern computer era is based on the Voudon religion of west Africa. It is based in fact on

magick and sorcery. The dawning Age of 666 would not be possible without this geomancy ,

binary system and 256 heathen gods. These are the deities the modern world worships. Hidden

in plain sight. Typical of Illuminati strategy. Leibniz was a member of the Illuminati. /
and -caution with this link - and he had a
lifelong interest in Alchemy - .

Read your screen and weep ... or scream.

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