Monday, September 28, 2009

Transformers movie linked to Tower of Babel

This writer believes that much of the movies , television shows and advertising coming out of

the illuminist cesspool known as HOLLYWOOD contains hidden messages and codes. The

purpose behind it is a form of sophisticated brainwashing of the minds of the masses - clueless

as they chew the popcorn/cud- like sheeple are trained to do.

Many movies contain clues that can be discovered and the answer or meaning is usually not to

difficult to ascertain. The movie Transformers , based on toys made by HASBRO , is not an

exception to the rule. In this movie , the hero tries to sell a pair of eyeglasses on ebay. The

number of the item is 21153. SEE: .

In the movie, giant autobots or autonomous robots are searching for the eyeglasses because

their crystal lenses contain the location information for a cube that unleashes enormous energy.

The robots are TOWERING in their size. See also: or google Transformers ebay item

The Tower of Babel is 694 feet tall according to the Third Apocalypse of Baruch. This can be

also measured as 463 cubits. . See also and .

The Nephilim or in English, THE FALLEN, are linked to the Tower of Babel. and . .


The name of the second Transformers movie is TRANSFORMERS: Revenge of the Fallen. . Can this all be

again a coincidence - The Tower of Babel and Towering Autobots. Ebay item 21153 and 694

feet being the height of the Tower of Babel which is 211.53 meters? . Then the choice of the title for the second movie, Revenge

of the Fallen - i.e.; the Nephilim? To call this happenstance is to strain or break the chain of

credulity. Then why do this? Why insert these numbers and their meanings in "kids" movies?

You must decide why... but think clearly, there is little room for error and to fall is fatal.

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