Saturday, September 19, 2009

RockStar Energy Drink links Satan to Family Values

One curiosity that recently came to this writer's attention was the link between the popular

RockStar Energy Drink and Conservative Radio Personality Michael Savage , who transmits his

show from San Francisco , California. This was odd because RockStar Energy drink is a company

started by his son and which does its bottling and such in Las Vegas - Sin City.

While at the Mall , here in the Illuminati-Occupation Zone in the Southwest USA, this writer

stepped into a Hot Topix clothing store. It has ghoulish and at times satanic and nearly always

occult-laden clothing items for todays purposely misguided "Urban Youth". While there he saw

a billboard or advertisement that displayed the upcoming MAYHEM FESTIVAL sponsored by

none other than RockStar Energy Drink. This writer decided to investigate ... this is what he

found. It should be noted that none of the forthcoming information should indicate that anything

illegal, immoral, improper is being done by either RockStar Energy Drink , Michael Savage or

anyone else mentioned in this writing. It just seemed very odd that a Conservative, family

values-oriented radio host would or could have a blood link to a company that promotes

music that is covertly or overtly or questionably Occult - Supernatural - AntiChristian and

possibly Satanic in nature. This connection needed to be brought to THE LIGHT by the HOLY

SPIRIT. You be the judge if this is just business - or something else.


1. "Dr. Michael Savage is a multimedia icon in the conservative movement..."

2. "Savage created the phrase "Compassionate Conservative" in 1994..." .

3. "America's angriest , most vicious conservative radio host..." .


4. Alleged connection to Savage Family (formerly Weiner was his last name) . *!*! This writer is NOT calling for a Boycott of the drink or anything

5. More info on the alleged connection and photos. The reader is responsible for verifying all

factual or "factual" information in any article cited in this article. Writer not responsible for nor

avowing accuracy of citations. . It

should be noted that Dr. Savage speaks out against Fascism or what he views as such on his

radio show.

6. It should be noted that Dr. Savage has no direct connection or official connection to

RockStar and that RockStar had disavowed a connection to him and donated money to LGBT

Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender causes. Allegedly his son is the CEO and Dr. Savage's wife

sits or sat on the Board. This does not mean Dr. Savage is in control or that there is a hidden

connection , illegality or impropriety. They are ,however, his wife and son. The core of THE

FAMILY and the basis of so-called FAMILY VALUES. Correct???

MAYHEM FESTIVAL (allegedly promoted by RockStar Energy Drink)

7. Slayer and Marily Manson headlined the recently ended 2009 tour. Also at the top of the

pile was Cannibal Corpse and Behemoth.



a) Slayer - read lyrics of their song THE ANTICHRIST: and there is much more: / /

b) Marilyn Manson - "Hopefully, I'll be remembered as the person who brought an end to

Christianity..." scroll down 50% .

c) Cannibal Corpse - 666 information and more on this band:

d) "only a band as talented, unique, and hard-working as Behemoth can pull these diametric

sounds into an originally unholy singularity that engulfs the listener in a pure aural hell." .
See drawing -


e) Twilight vampire store clothes.

f) Harry Potter stuff -

g) Hot Topic sponsored one of the 3 stages in which the THIRTEEN bands played. The show

opened on the Hot Topic stage with "death metal band White Chapel." .

h) "WhiteChapel bring to the extreme death metal table plenty of aggression and evil." .

The Whitechapel district of London is where Jack The Ripper did his killings...

This is where your kids buy their clothes at the Mall. This is the music they hear. This is clear-as-

a-bell promotion of Family Values... Mafia "family" values. The values of evil - death -The Devil.


He is considered by some to be the "lone voice of decency and traditional family values in the

media..." and "Mr. Savage is a conservative populist, who

believes in small government, low taxes and family values." scroll down 60% .


It is a question... only a question... please don't shoot the messenger.

How can Michael Savage - Weiner promote Conservative , Traditional , American FAMILY

VALUES on his radio network while his family promotes the music and lyrics of the bands that

perform at the RockStar Energy drink Mayhem Concerts? If you sponsor something you are

indirectly promoting it. That is fact. That is why many major companies will drop stars or

athletes from advertising their product if they get in trouble. There is a connection between one

and the other. No sponsor = No concerts. No venue to promote the cacophony orchestras of hell.

The millions of conservative (and other) listeners of the Michael Savage Radio Program , might

be interested in an explanation. To wit, Dr. Savage has no connection to RockStar. His family

members have their own mind and right to pursue their own personal interests. No one is

accused by this writer to be doing anything improper , illegal or immoral. It merely can be said

that when this writer saw this connection - he was shocked and perplexed. There seems to be

a contradiction of terms between mutually hostile values. Beyond that nothing more is said.


bridge* said...

all of these ideas over rockstar drinks wow. your crazy take a look around the world. it sucks and you wont be in heaven buddy and the more you keep judging everyone and what they do, and who they love, the longer stockpile for "values" you will find your way to a deeper darker way, a special way. its people like you that i pitty that believe so much in christ. hope the rapture comes for you soon.
if i could i would take out all of you ignorant people that take gods word in a complete different direction. we think ur a joke.

666 said...

I would like to point out that Rockstar is not the right Energy Drink that you want to point your finger at....WE are!!

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Bob White said...

Interesting Post. We come across many such instances where the messenger really does not mean what he is saying in real life.
James Martin

Crosby said...

It is not odd to me that RockStar Energy chose this man to promote the product because it must be an advertising strategy!By the way, I have heard that it is not advisable to take generic viagra with an energy drink.