Thursday, September 17, 2009

Clubbed Thumb exposes Megan Fox as Reptilian

The latest movie sensation out of the Illuminati spin doctor brainwashing machine known as

Hollywood is Jennifer's Body. It stars the sexy starlet Megan Fox. This young lady would appear

to be a living dream, a perfect physical specimen , to be adored by men for her beauty.

But.... there is more to this story.

1. Megan Fox and Jennifer's Body: See Megan's body - tattoos and all...

2. Movies: Jennifer's Body at

3. Megan Fox has an imperfection known as Clubbed Thumbs - .

4. A shapeshifter always leaves behind a clue, usually an imperfection that indicates he or she

is not really what he appears to be. "In many old English folktales, the devil could take any form,

but couldn't disguise his clubfoot/cloven hoof" .

5. Megan Fox portrays a blood sucking vampire-like demon in the movie. In real as opposed to

film reel , life. Reptilians feed on our blood. The concept of THE FOX and shapeshifting is well

known. / / and .


The Illuminati hide in plain sight. A shapeshifting bloodsucker portrays a shapeshifting

bloodsucker ... talk about realistic portrayals or life imitates art...They laugh at us while we pay

to watch that which is visible but unseen. They control much more than a "body" , they control

your mind.


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