Sunday, September 20, 2009

USA is Riding the 256 Byte Barack Lightning Horse

The modern era is based on the computer. Very little gets done these days without one. The

existence of computers makes modern war possible as well as providing opportunities to connect

to the world never dreamed of before. The number 256 figures prominently in this scenario.

As the reader will see, the number 256 has other more sinister meanings and is linked to Voodoo

and hindu magickal practices. The number also coincides with a numerology for Barak Obama

that denotes Lightning. Coincidence or ancient conspiracy is left up to the reader to decide.

1. Computers and the number 256:

The concept of a 256 degree circle figures prominently in programming.

The 256th day of the year is called Computer Programmers Day. 2 to the power of 8 = 256.

"a byte can have 256 possible values" . Official Holiday in Russia - .

2. The 256th day of the Year is September 13 (September 12 on Leap Years). This then gives

a number of 9-13 or simply 913. This number has been associated with President Barack Obama

by some numerologists. "Strong's Greek word # 913 is BARAK which means lightning" The

name of Muhammed's first horse was BURAQ. .

4. The voodo priests call a person possessed by one of their Loas or deities to be a HORSE.

They believe Fidel Castro is now THE HORSE for their entities to dictate power to the island. .

Barack Hussein Obama is then the horse for lightning or the lightning horse. The only voodoo

god that lives in the sky and is responsible for lightning is their war god Chango. Barack is his

earthly vehicle or surrogate. .

or google Shango or Chango Lightning Horse. What are the odds that President Obama would

have a name that embodies both lightning and a horse, both symbolic of Shango? It is hard to

label this coincidence when he has long been openly associated with Voodoo. .

5. There are "the 256 deities of the Ifa pantheon of Voodoo or Voudon" .

6. A 256 degree circle would have 64 degree "right" angles: See "Alternative Units" .

7. There are 64 Yogini statues in a rare open air Hindu temple in India. The Yogini (female) or

Yogi (male) are emblematic of practicioners of a form of Yoga that seeks to embue its users with

supernatural powers. "built on a circular ground plan quite unlike all other temples that are

square or complex versions of it." See Photo= .


If you put it together you have: A 256 degree circle. Each degree on the circle is dedicated to

one of the Voodo's 256 loas. The 256 degree circle used in computer programming would have

64 degree right angles. There is a hindu temple that is circular - a rarity for them - and has 64

yogini or female deity statues placed around it - representing the right angles of the 256 degree

circle. The 256 day of the year is linked to Computer Programming and the number 913 which

happens to equate to Barack , which is the greek word for lightning. The greek god that fired

thunderbolts was Zeus. He lived in the heavens. Buraq is the name of Muhammed's horse. The

voodoo deity Shango or Xango or Chango rides a white horse , lives in the sky and like Zeus ,

hurls thunderbolts. This is proof that President Obama is a "horse" for pagan deities.

He is the LIGHTNING HORSE of Trojan origin , that has made its way into the White House

gates. See Lightning Horse depiction: .

Woe be unto us... unless we turn to the light of the Holy Spirit and embrace it , before it is too too



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