Monday, September 7, 2009

Indiana Jones Harrison Ford rides Illuminati Train

Many of today's top stars in the movies , television and music are linked to the occult and to

the supernatural. Let us just look at a few... very few ... examples. Tom Cruise - / The Beatles / The Rolling

Stones and KISS .

Madonna / Britney Spears / Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton - .

The latter three even signed together to play The Witches of Eastwick: .

This article focuses on occult links that tie Harrison Ford aka Indiana Jones to the Illuminati

via Tom Hanks and the movie Angels & Demons. In the movie Angels & Demons the character

played by Tom Hanks, speaks of the number 503 being mysteriously linked to the Illuminati. and there is also a

link to so-called Devil's Night. .


1. There was speculation that the charcter Dr. Harford, played by Tom Cruise in the movie,

Eyes Wide Shut , directed by Stanley Kubrick was in fact a metaphor for the real life Harrison

Ford. In this movie , Dr. Harford stumbles across a satanic ritual orgy. Scroll down to TRIVIA .

2. Indiana Jones movies , starring Harrison Ford , have been partially filmed at a UK masonic

school. Both Raiders of the Lost Ark and Last Crusade. .

3. Stars that have played besides Harrison Ford on the Indiana Jones movies have met odd

and tragic events. River Phoenix , who played a young Indiana Jones , died of a drug overdose

in The Viper Room on Halloween.

4. Shia Lebouef , who starred in the more recent Crystal Skull installment had a terrrible

car accident that crushed his LEFT HAND.,20216629,00.html .

5. It is interesting that a movie about Crystal Skull should be filmed in part at Yale University,

the home of the most infamous secret society on earth - The Skull and Bones Society. .

6. You must see the movie Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull to verify the

following information. At close range and for an extended period of time, one can see Harrison

Ford , stepping on a train in this movie. The number of the train is 503.


one of them. What are the odds that this movie comes out in 2008 and has "Dr. Harford"

stepping on train 503 and then along comes Tom Hanks in Angels & Demons saying that the

number 503 is sacred to the illuminati being coincidence?


The real Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was the Mayan Empire. .

The Mayan Calendar has become all the rage since it holds that "The End of the World" is

about to arrive in 2012. .

503 X 4 = 2012


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