Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sweat Lodge Deaths linked to MLK RFK JFK Plots

The strange coincidences that surround many of today's tragic events and disasters continue to

unfold. Recently, 3 people died and many suffered injuries as a result of a so-called sweat lodge

ceremony in Angel Valley , Arizona. This location is very close to the Sedona , Arizona vortex of

mystical energy. It is possible it was an accident. It is possible it was an Illuminat ritual human

sacrifice. That is still unknown. However, odd numerical connections link this tragedy with

the Reverend Jesse Jackson and the MLK and JFK assassinations. Coincidence or conspiracy?

The reader must determine.


1. Three deaths so far, New Age event staged by James Arthur Ray.

2. James Arthur Ray is a self-help "guru" that is involved in the book The Secret and the

so-called World Wealth Society. . .

3. James A. Ray was born on November 22 or also 11-22. .

4. President John F. Kennedy was assassinated by the Illuminati on November 22, or 11-22. .

5. The sweat lodge disaster happened on October 8, 2009.,2933,567240,00.html .

6. Jesse Jackson was born on October 8. .

7. Jesse Jackson was present and allegedly cradled in his arms Martin Luther King when he

was shot and killed. James Arthur Ray was present during the sweat lodge disaster and James

Earl Ray allegedly / officially assassinated MLK. .

James Earl Ray and MLK : .

James Arthur Ray and THE SECRET or the Law of Attraction: .

8. Sedona , Arizona is surrounded by psychic energy vortexes.

9. Memphis , Tennesse , where MLK was killed is considered to be an Illuminati City: .

10. RFK , the assassinated brother of JFK, died in Los Angeles. The City of the Angels. The

death lodge incident happened in Angel Valley.

11. James Ray International is located at 2386 Faraday Avenue in Carlsbad , California.

The number 2386 is an apocalyptic number, mathematically speaking. It carries a string of

three 6's or 666. .

12. Carlsbad , California is located on the masonic 33rd parallel. .

13. The 33rd Parallel has been associated with human sacrifice rituals. .

14. RFK was assassinated at the Ambassador Hotel located at latitude 34.05 N. .

15. Angel Valley , Arizona is in direct alignment with the Ambassador Hotel , it is located at

34.049 N latitude. . One could

not get a more direct lineup if one tried.

16. The Ambassador Hotel was located at 3400 Wilshire Boulevard, the same as the latitude .

It came under the control of entertainer Sammy Davis, Jr. .

17. Sammy Davis, Jr. was allegedly associated with the Church of Satan. .


"The word Devil is used 34 times in the Bible-1 time in the Old Testament and 33 times in the

New Testament"... . The Freemasons sponsor

Race car number 34 in the NASCAR series. see photo of car: . .

Conspiracy or chance or coincidence...The Illuminati hide in the shadows, but sometimes they

slip, it is no SECRET.

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