Friday, July 29, 2011

Tea Party Default aimed at stopping Rise of China

The Tea Party is deep cover Patriot network psyop. This is typical of those "color" revolutions

that happen all over the world linked to the CIA and George Soros. The Tea Party has no leader,

no headquarters, no real structure. It is an amorphous model based on the autonomous cell,

leaderless resistance, which extreme right radicals in the Patriot movement of the USA use.

The goal is not to balance the budget. The goal is to default on the debt. Plain and Simple. They

want default. That means no more loans which means no more debt and the debt that exists is

knocked out. What is also knocked out is Red China and the less importantly, the hostile oil

States which depend on the USA consumption of oil to fill their coffers with money to then use

against the USA. If the USA economy falls. The oil economies of Iran , Saudi Arabia , Russia

and Venezuela fall as well. Cuba lives off of Venezuelan money now and it will collapse. China

will collapse into revolution when its urban masses face no jobs, no food and no hope. The USA

will survive. We have food. We have nukes. No can come and collect the debt by force - not yet.

The fascist patriot network behind this process is concerned about the sale of the USA to

Red China in secret by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton - a fire sale. Her husband Bill Clinton

also known as Slick Willy, gave China the tools and technology to become a Super Power. He

committed treason. A coup attempt was squashed by violence. The Tea Party is going to force

a default to save us from slavery to Red China. The more debt- the more we cede power to them

-until we have to give them Alaska , Hawaii, Guam , Puerto Rico in payment. Until we have to

withdraw from Japan and Korea. Until we bow to the Red Mandarins as trembling lackeys.

The Tea Party will spare us from this although the cost will be steep. The Tea Party will replace

Red Slavery with the Black slavery of Fascism. A Cabal of Shadows to rule us rather than the

Maoists. Freedom of Choice. That is what you may call it. Be prepared for the rise of evil. Pray

for deliverance. Be prepared to go underground. Store food and water NOW. Get silver coins and

Mexican and Canadian currency if you are near the borders. Be prepared for martial law. Good

Luck and God Speed to all who resist the rise of the illuminati.


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