Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Illuminati Pillsbury links Herman Cain to Kofi Annan

The illuminati create caricatures. Black politicians are now in vogue. The NWO allowed Obama,

a Kenyan that is ineligible to be the President of the USA, into the White House. He was a left-

wing puppet. Now, comes Herman Cain, he bears the Mark of Cain, upside down 9-9-9 is 666.

Prior to either of them reaching or aspiring to reach the pinnacle of illuminati puppet power,

there was Kofi Annan, the Secretary General of the United Nations. He was pure illuminati bred.

Masonic links going back to his father and his father's employer Unilever. See: .

Pillsbury is Illuminati - links to Skull and Bones: and .

Pillsbury is linked to Kofi Annan:

Pillsbury is linked to Herman Cain: .

Herman Cain is member of a Fraternity whose symbol is replete with Illuminati symbols. . .

CONCLUSION: The illuminati rule the Western World. No one rises to the top without their

evil blessing and approval. The Mark of Cain. AMABO the Kenyan. Kofi Freemason Annan. The

old boss...looks a lot like the new boss- as the rock group The Who used to sing. Whistle along, it

is the marching song of NWO Fascism as it goose steps on the road to the Apocalypse.


Timelines said...

You are spot on. the CFR meeting that took place at the grand lodge in brit i guess last year,amoung some of the resolutions i hear was to set up new illuminati group in africa (this is seperate from the masonic lodge in S.A) illuminati members are decreasing in numbers so i guess they wanna reign in those CASHING out! pluotus-illuminati is one of the name i had about so far. any info on them?

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