Saturday, October 29, 2011

Dean Ing Predicted Romney Huntsman LDS 2012

A new religious dictatorship is about to rise in the world. It was predicted by speculative fiction

writer Dean Ing. He wrote several novels roughly 25 to 30 years ago in which a post-apocalyptic

America is led by a Mormon / Latter Day Saints dictatorship. Professor Ing notes that the LDS

cadres are well led, well supplied, make survivalism a creed and follow the call of unified and

effective leadership. They do not drink , smoke , swear , use drugs and have many children ,

which is something that among white women globally is unusual. They are capitalist. They have

money. They are well-armed. They are based in Utah far from the soon to be flooded coasts.

The new Area 51 is in their State. When the apocalypse arrives it will fall to their control. and the Mormon Political Conquest Council of

Fifty authorized a project to secure Mormon nuclear weapons in Australia.,4,78mormon.htm .

A religious group that believes Jesus and Lucifer are brothers will gain control of alien / ET

technology from the new Area 51 in their back yard and have nukes. All they need is a false

flag armageddon - which they will be best suite to survive. See novels which highlight the

predictions of Dean Ing - and .

In 2012, the Republican ticket will have two Mormons on it. Romney and Huntsman. They will

start the war against Iran. The Russians and Chinese will be drawn in. An LDS dictatorship will

rise from the ashes. It will unveil ET technology. It will be organized and have food. It will

demand conversion to their faith. They are, after all, descendants of the tribe of Dan, .

Jon Huntsman was ambassador the Red China. He was sent there to prepare for the arrival of a

vast Chinese army wearing the blue helmets of the UN. The occupying force for those areas of

the USA that pose armed resistance to the LDS dictatorship. Be ready. The White House will

never again see a "normal" Christian as its resident again (if it ever has). Are you ready? You

better be - 'cuz , THE SAINTS ARE MARCHIN' IN and it looks like the Goosestep.


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