Sunday, November 6, 2011

Michelle Obama link to Herman Cain Harrasment

The source of problems for Herman Cain regarding past allegations and settlements of sexual

harrasment may be First Lady Michelle Obama. President Obama would be hard pressed to

come up with a viable strategy to confront an opponent that is "more black" than he is. This

would be true. In fact, Obama momma is white. Obama has no more experience growing up as

an African-American than Dubya Bush. He was born in Hawaii. He grew up in Indonesia. His

father and family members are in Kenya from which few black slaves that came to America have

ancestry and therefore descendants. Obama would have faced a major problem. Cain could say

things other candidates could not. Obama could not respond. Is he really black? No one even

knows where he was born or what religion he really practices (besides illuminati luciferianism).

Suddenly, a rising Hurricane named Herman - is stopped in his tracks. The direction of the

storm has veered off into the deep waters of the Atlantic. It will soon pose no threat to the

Obama interests. A connection has been found to the National Restaurants Association and

Michelle Obama. She praised the organization. She gave a speech there a little over a year ago.

An article posted by Dawn Sweeney on the National Restaurant Association blog on September,

13, 2010 notes details on the speech. Google Michelle Obama National Restaurant Association or go to

Michelle Obama has long been known to be linked to the Illuminati . She in fact is Obama's

handler. The wife part is a mere cover. .

The Hurricane will dissipate. The only true leader must be a killer. Not a harrasser. It will come

down to Obama and his drones or Perry and his texecutions. An outside chance goes to Romney

and the secret LDS army that stands behind him in the shadows. The 'cain never had a chance.


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