Monday, January 26, 2009

Antichrist Obama rides The Great Cadillac Beast

In a world in which , increasingly , science fiction novels and suspense thrillers seem more

normal and mundane than 'the real world', this writer was shocked to read the following news.

President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama went for a ride in their brand new limo. The

name of this car is ... THE BEAST.

This is startling when you think of the fact that Obama as an antichrist-like figure has been a

topic of much speculation in multi-faceted political and philosophical circles. Even as a "joke", this

would not seem "to fly" well, or ride well for that matter.

This also brings along speculation about the semi-fictional Left Behind series storyline in which

the antichrist uses a Condor airliner numbered 216 (6x6x6) to fly across the globe. Further, the

use of the word "Beast" on a car is reminiscent of the the 216 numbered license plates used by

the north korean "deity" Kim Jong-Il, in commemoration of his Birthday, February , 16.

Whether this is a joke....or a chilling prequel of a future ride to hell for the USA... is yet to be

determined by the Lords of Karma.


1. Obama as an antichrist figure. The Obama campaign is well aware

of this phenomenon and accused the McCain campaign of taking part in it. More the reason to

find it incredible that he would allow his personal limo to be called THE BEAST.,8599,1830590,00.html .

2. Cadillac Presidential limo for Obama is called the beast. See photo: and .

3. Left Behind Series Condor 216: and .

The follow-up plane to the Condor is the Phoenix 216 (as in rising from the ashes).

4. Barack Obama was born on latitude 21.6 N , out of the eternal sea he rises (Hawaii is

surrounded by the Pacific and like a Phoenix .... it rises from the fires and ashes of volcanic

activitiy. . Scroll down 50%... he is born

on the 216th day of the Year. . Coincidences?

5. Let us assume that President Obama was NOT BORN in Hawaii, but was born in Kenya.

The line of latitude 2.16 and The line of Longitude 2.16 BOTH appear to run through Kenya...

how odd... any way you slice it...the 666 metaphor rises up. . Therefore somewhere in

that nations both lines must cross.......More Coincidence?

6. The Khmer Rouge killing machine called its rise to power YEAR ZERO. Its leader, later

known as Pol Pot called himself Brother Number One. and

Year Zero at . African American men

are often called or call themselves "Brothers" and as Oprah said, Obama is "The One". The

Equator or latitude Zero runs through Kenya. The Lions Club of Kisumu Kenya has a monument

to the Equator in Kenya. . To satanists,

their fabled counter-messiah, the Antichrist is called THE ONE. Note all the 0's 0r Zeros in this

theme. More Coincidence? .

7. Kim Jong Ill and Evil License plates:

and .


Fidel Castro is the "Horse" that is mounted or ridden or possessed by the voodoo loas. Kim

Jong Il is a 'deity' in North Korea and he rides his Pale Horse of death and famine to his people.

Obama..... he does not fall behind in this cloven hoof race. He rides his Beast .... like The Great

Whore of Babylon rides on hers. Every

Wh--e needs her pimp and Obama can say "pimp my ride"...with pride.


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