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Pi links Lara Croft Tomb Raider to The Matrix

In the USA you cannot go anywhere to try and buy food in major grocery store chains without

seeing photos and stories of the latest nonsense and rumor about Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and

Jennifer Anniston. These past-their-prime actor and actresses are constant brainwashing fodder

for the masses. It is made to seem that their lives are of some ... importance... as opposed to the

Mossad Madoff ripoff of tens of billions of dollars or Neocon wars overseas that have bankrupted
this country and led to false flag terror in America.

This brief article shows that all three of these individuals have ties to entities or activities

linked to the Occult.

1. Angelina Jolie and the Illuminati: .

2. Brad Pitt and the Illuminati: .

3. With Jennifer Anniston, the information is much less well known and this article may

bring it forward for the first time in clear meaning. "Jennifer had her first taste of acting at age

11 when she joined the 'Rudolf Steiner' School's drama club. It was also at the 'Rudolf Steiner'

School that she developed her passion for art." .

4. What is The Rudolf Steiner School? To begin with, it is closely associated with the Occult.

Scroll to bottom at and .

5. "Waldorf education (also known as Steiner or Steiner Waldorf education)..."

6. "Public Schools Teaching Occult Religion?

...What is Anthroposophy? "The Waldorf Teacher's Survival Guide" is designated by the
Sacramento City Unified School District as one of its resource materials for "training or
instruction in Waldorf teaching methods or Waldorf curriculum" World Net Daily obtained a
copy of the 67-page pamphlet, published in 1992 and written by Eugene Schwartz, head of the
Waldorf teacher training program at Sunbridge Colledge in Spring Valley, N.Y. The "Guide" says,
on page 54: "Most of that which contributes to our work as teachers, preparation work
artistic work , even meditative work, is under the guardianship of LUCIFER. We can
become great teachers under his supervision, for he is responsible for much that
has blossomed in the unfolding of civilization and culture in the past." .

Yes... responsible for slavery, torture, war, and on and on under the name of reason and


Jon Voight became famous as an actor by playing a male prostitute in the Movie Midnight

Cowboy for which he received an academy award nomination in 1969. He plays a role as a

freemason or freemason descendant in the Movie National Treasure and in the sequel as well. .

In the Tomb Raider movie series Angelina Jolie plays a , well, tomb raider whose father was a

member of "The Illuminati". Her father in the movie is her father in real life. .

In real life Angelina Jolie wanted to be a Funeral Director when she was an adolescent. .

A wannbe Funeral Director grows up to be a -- tomb raider. In the movie The Matrix Reloaded

Keanu Reeves character Neo battles twins. .

In real life , Angelina Jolie has twins through artificial means. .

The word Croft is very close to the word Craft, a term used to describe Freemasonry as The

Craft. In the movie an astrological conjunction of great importance is to take place on May 15.

See previous link. May 15 is 5-15 which is allegedly is a metaphor for Pi, the irrational infinite

number , that is used for the actual opening date of the movie The Matrix, starring Keanu

Reeves. In The Matrix , Neo only has 314 seconds to enter into "The Source". This is a

reference to Pi 3.14. see

also . 314 seconds is Five

minutes and 14 seconds. The early view of a hit movie usually occurs the night before its

grand opening, this would have been May 14. Scroll down 90% and indeed it was,

therefore, The movie opened on a secret Pi metaphor day.

The number 515 represents the incarnation of one of the people of the Trinity. .

In the Movie the Matrix, the principal female character is Trinity. .

As has been noted in other articles Neo is "The One". The incarnation of one of the people of the

Trinity, perhaps? A messiah or savior type figure. The number 515 is used by the writer Dante

as the number for a Saviour. . Why

this number is used is not known. It is possible that the two movies may hold the key, so to

speak. In Tomb Raider, the May 15 or 5-15 astrological conjunction allows for the control of

certain keys which allow the possessor to control time itself. In the Matrix, Neo's birth on that

date, signals the arrival of the saviour of a humanity stuck in a red pill dream getting sucked of

energy by ETs.

Noah's Ark was 515 feet long. Noah saved the world by allowing its animals and plants to begin

repopulating anew. . The Birthday of Buddha is May 15. .

It is possible that these movies herald the arrival of the so-called masonic christ or antichrist.

see video: and .


The forces of evil control Hollywood. The Matrix is not a movie, it is the world in which we live,

a world created by Illuminist elites serving a hierarchy of non-human entities that seek to

enslave mankind forever. In this the matrix has a point. The captured humans have the juice

sucked out of them while in a dream state and in the "real world" we humans have our blood and

life force sucked out of us by vampiric reptilian entities that feed on our fear , hate and violence.

Life imitates Art. The living Dead imitate the living.

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