Sunday, January 11, 2009

Cerberus Merkin and Mossad Madoff are Reptilians

The arab proverb that states: "Evil People...Know Each Other", seems well suited to the links

between various Zionist interests that somehow happen to occur "coincidentally". Previously, it

has been noted that the present leader of the Securities and Exhange Commission Cox and his

top lawyer for the agency both came from a law firm that officed , as they say , or shared an

office building with the Madoff Ponzi Scheme krewe.

See: .

It just so happens that Department of Homeland Security Secretary Chertoff also hails from

the same law firm. "George W. Bush has drawn lobbying partners from the ranks of Latham &

Watkins to fill top Federal Agency posts in EPA, DHS, IRS, FCC, Interior and SEC." .

The latest news is that the Chairman of GMAC , which was just thrown a lifeline worth billions

by the Fed is also tainted in the scandal. .

"All this means that the GM and Chrysler bailouts are directly aiding Madoff's pals." scroll down

40% . J. Ezra Merkin , the former chairman of GMAC is also an

investor in Cerberus, the company that owns the lion's share of Chrysler. Cerberus is led by

former Treasury Secretary John Snow who tried to give the USA ports away to Dubai and had

himself sold his CSX to Dubai earlier. .

Cerberus is a three headed demon dog that guards the gates of Hades or Hell. .

Oddly ... Coincidentally, of course... Chrysler vehicle and logos are filled with satanic symbolism

and there is even a prototype car named the Demon. .

Pentagon / Pentagram symbols:

Dodge Ram: .

Mobs in Russia burn the cars rather than drive them... .

No joke either, DHS Secretary Chertoff's last name in russian means "Son of the Devil" . .

Can all of these names and so forth just be "coincidence"?

Both Merkin and Madoff are linked to Zionist Yeshiva University in NYC. Yeshiva has lost

money to the Madoff scam, yet does not sue Merkin. scroll down 75%. .

Some allege that Yeshiva is now controlled by the New World Order Council on Foreign

Relations. .

The current leader of Yeshiva University is Richard Joel , the first non rabbi to hold the office

and a former youth leader of Hillel , the youth wing of B'nai B'rith . scroll down 70%.

B'nai B'rith is a Masonic Lodge. .

B'nai B'rith is a tool of British Royal Family Imperialism. "arms of british intelligence agencies

and secret societies..." .

The British Royal Family are suspected Reptilian entities: / .

The Illuminati use as one of their symbols The Torch. B'nai B'rith uses a Torch and so does

Yeshiva University since Richard Joel became leader. and

Alleged evangelist Billy Graham also received a torch from B B at . "Joel ... immediately went about revamping

YU according to his NWO-CFR vision. Replacing the old YU symbol with a torch (of illumination) .


A demonic cult is at the roots of the Mossad Madoff scandal. The key players in protecting the

USA from financial predators like him, appear instead to be playing on his side. All of these

verifiable connections become difficult to ignore. The Madoff scandal has the sulphurous stench

of the Illuminati all around it. Who will go to jail? No one. The Zionist intel agencies control

America. Slip-ups like this will get buried....just like anyone that gets in the way.

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