Sunday, January 18, 2009

Mayan bad luck 58 links Bardo to Great Pyramid

The strange numerological roots to the matrix / paradigm known as "reality" as imposed on us

by the Illuminati is as intricate as it is amazing. This article exposes a link between the Mayan

'bad luck' number 58, Bardo (an area of the Tibetan afterlife), The Giza Pyramid and the NWO

tool of the illuminati known as The Council on Foreign Relations.

The presence of coincidence...or conspiracy... is , as always , up to the reader to decide.

1. 58 was a number associated with bad luck or bad omens by the Mayans and their oracles.

"The number 58 was commonly associated with misfortune in many civilizations native to either
Central America or Southern America. Due to their beliefs in the original 58 sins. The number
came to symbolize curses and ill-luck. Aztec oracles supposedly stumbled across the number
an unnaturally high number of times before disaster fell. ...the oracle of Moctezuma II, who
allegedly counted 58 pieces of gold scattered before a sacrificial pit the day before the arrival of
Cortes." scroll to bottom. .

The previous link also notes that the number 58 is a "noncotient" number. "However, the sum
of the totient function for the first thirteen integers is 58."

This shows a link between 58 and the unlucky 13. Futher 5 + 8 is 13. This writer determined

that the square root of 58 shows a numerical link to the Great Pyramid. insert

square root 58. The answer begins with 7.61. 761 feet at the base of the sides. / .

Further, the area in which the Great Pyramid lies is about 13 acres. .

2. Bardo is an "area" for lack of a better world, associated with the Tibetan buddhist / animist

concept of the After Life. There are supposedly 58 wrathful deities ruling over Bardo.

"Once the subtle consciousness has left body it then enters into the Bardo and during the next

49 days will encounter the 100 peaceful and wrathful deities. Specifically, there are 58 wrathful

and 42 peaceful deities that one will encounter." .

3. Link between Bardo and The Great Pyramid: scroll down 50% .

"Initiation in the great Pyramid were in actuality very similar to the 3 day bardo experience we
all face upon death of our physical body. The experiences we will have seem totally real, although what we are experiencing is just the meeting of our own dream pictures."

4. The Great Pyramid and 58: The latitude of The Great Pyramid is 29.58 degrees N.

Interestingly 29 is half of 58. So what we have is 1/2 58 and 1/100 58 is the latitude numeral

equation. What this could mean is unknown. If one adds together 29 + 58 , one gets 87. This is

considered an unlucky score in Australian cricket (the devil's number) "thought to originate from
the fact that 87 is 13 runs short of a century , equivalent a Nelson's, Double-Nelson's etc (111, 222 etc) in English cricket." .

5. The address for the Headquarters of the Illuminati front agency known as The Council on

Foreign Relations is # 58. . The CFR has a

major role to play in the Pyramid of Manipulation. .

In fact , they are "the Top of the Pyramid"


The bad luck number, for all of humanity , comes from the aztecs, who sacrificed people on

the TOP of their PYRAMIDs. Isn't it odd , that some things never change. Do the math. It adds

up to the same thing. Evil then + Evil now ... is still evil. If you go to and insert

5/8, the answer is .625. The number 625 is linked to the mega-mathematician Pythagoras. .

His belief was ... " All is Number". It looks like he was correct, does it not? Still do not believe?

Try multiplying 5 x 8 and you get 40. The jews wandered for 40 years in the desert during the

Exodus. Jesus fasted for 40 days in the desert. When Noah had his ark... it rained for 40 days

and 40 nights. Bad Luck , wouldn't you agree?


Matthew said...

Man this is profound stuff man. One of my prophets that I know found your site. You are one cool guy.

Love ya

Jordie Nilla said...

That is quite surprising... I have never heard of that before reading your post!
It makes me quite puzzled and angry too!
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