Tuesday, January 6, 2009

CIA Leon Panetta and the Illuminati Denver Airport

People are wondering why Leon Panetta is being nominated as the new head of the CIA. They

are spreading the disinformation that he has no background in espionage and or intelligence

work. This is nonsense. He is a player in this field. Panetta was a major force in creating the

suspected reptilian - illuminati Denver International Airport. There is no way he could be

krewed up with that mega-NWO base and simply be a newcomer to the effort to create a

Global Government under elite control.


1. Creepy murals, masonic architects , swastika airfields and suspected massive underground

base. www.thetruthishere.com/denvermurals.html / www.bibliotecapleyades.net/esp_sociopol_denver.htm / www.anomalies-unlimited.com/Denver_Airport.html and www.tinwiki.org/Bases:Denver_International_Airport

2. Scroll down 15% "Watched Panetta very closely during the workup to the new Denver
International Airport and as much as I disagreed with everything he did I was certainly
impressed with his mastery of the system and how easily he forced various agencies involved
to dance to his tune. He's not one of my favorites, DIA is a horror, but if you want someone
to whip an agency into shape Leon is your guy - he reads people like a book and has no scruples
when it comes to getting what he wants." www.correntewire.com/cia_pick_panetta_we_cannot_and_we_must_not_use_torture_under_any_circumstances

3. While Leon Panetta is accused of being a false Catholic for his views on abortion , gay rights

and so forth, he was somehow selected to be on the review board of the US Conference of

Catholic Bishops to monitor matters with the child molestation scandal. www.usccb.org/comm/archives/2002/02-147.shtml .

4. The Board has links to the Knights of Malta. scroll to bottom. www.ncronline.org/NCR_Online/archives/013103/01310e.htm .

5. Leon Panetta co-chairs a Commission on Ocean Policy with retired Admiral James D. Watkins ... who happens to be a Knight of Malta. www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_D._Watkins .

6. Admiral Watkins is listed in the wiki list of "Masonic Politicians" www.wikicompany.org/wiki/911:Masonic_politicians .

7. Leon Panetta's successor , Congressman Sam Farr is an adherent of Agenda 21, a soviet

style makeover of the USA based on "sustainable development" .Farr replaced Panetta in Congress . www.newswithviews.com/Shaw/michael123.htm .

8. Sam Farr is associated with the New Age Esalen Institute. scroll down 50% www.earthtimes.org/articles/show/sundance-channel-to-premiere-on-the-road-in-america,284097.shtml .

9. Esalen and the CIA = www.rationalwiki.com/wiki/Esalen
Knights of Malta and CIA = www.aftermathnews.wordpress.com/2007/10/01/blackwater-knights-of-malta-in-iraq/ .
Denver Airport and CIA = www.whale.to/b/denver_s.html / www.theconspiracy.us/9411/0014.html .


Leon Panetta is not a greenhorn. He has been working for the illuminati for years. His choice
as CIA chief, for those who see through the smokescreen should come as no suprise.

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