Saturday, January 17, 2009

Obama Train Ride exposes him as a Freemason

President-elect Obama is signaling to the cognoscenti of the world that he is with the illuminati

to the bone. He is taking a historic train ride to the inauguration which copies that taken by

President Abraham Lincoln. The train ride is 137 miles long. .

1. The height of the Great Pyramid in Giza is 137 meters . .

2. Noah's Ark was 137 meters long. .

3. Psalm 137 has to do with Babylon and the Temple of Solomon - where G-D dwelt. .

4. 137 is linked to the number of the beast 666: . This has to do with the

hard hexagon entropy constant. A hexagon is the only form that will fit inside a six pointed

star or pentagram. .

CONCLUSION: What is the only organization that unites: Babylon, The Great Pyramid, 666,

The Temple of Solomon , the Star of David and Noah's Ark? ... Freemasonry. If you do not

believe it go to and insert - Freemason --- and each one of the above terms in

the conclusion. Obama is signaling to those in the Know...He is the One or at least One of them --

The Illuminati. The Black Lodge of necromancers that rules the modern world.

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