Tuesday, December 9, 2008

1134 hell and Munich Birthplace of Nazi Party

Arguably the most evil offshoot or front organization of the Illuminati was the Nazi Party , born

in Munich , Germany. It was here that the rising stars of the Third Reich guided by the Aryan

superman from the star Aldebaran led the world to madness, hatred and total war.

See background of Munich and Nazi Party:

Hitler called Munich "The Capital of the Movement" - www.newmunich.com/tours/thirdreich.htm and

See Numerous photos of Nazi Munich: www.thirdreichruins.com/munich.htm .

Nazi Superman Aldebaran star at: www.absoluteastronomy.com/topics/Nazi_mysticism and

www.experiencefestival.com/a/Nazi_mysticism_-_Early_influences/id/4804381 .

BACKGROUND ON 1134 hell:

1134 spells hell if turned upside down. This may have much more occult significance than being

a mere joke. See: www.spirit-of-metal.com/album-groupe-1134-nom_album_Hell-l-en.html

www.scoreboard-canada.com/babylon-1134helllinksmayaritual.htm / www.themetallyrics.com/1134-1134-hell/ . or google 1134 hell.

BACKGROUND on HITLER BIRTHPLACE link to 666: www.scoreboard-canada.com/babylon-squareroot33.htm .

The previous link notes that The Antichrist or The Man of Sin could have been Adolf Hitler.

1134 + 1134 = 2268 or the Nineveh Constant. A mathematical constant associated with that

Assyrian capital of ancient times. Nineveh is associated with the antichrist: www.tribwatch.com/firstsee.htm / www.beastfromtheeast.org/Assyria.html / www.shalach.org/Antichrist/AntichristArises.htm .

Nineveh Constant 2268 Explanation: www.dprins.demon.nl/convergence/9905.html .

The line of Longitude 11.34 or the 1134 hell runs through the city of Munich. Birthplace and

Capital of the Nazi Movement. www.fanconcert.com:8045/show/concert/2285 . \


Both the Birthplace and Political Capital of the Nazi leader and movement are linked to evil ley

line numerology. Can it really be just a coincidence that 1134 hell runs right through Munich,

Germany and down through Austria , his birthplace and that is just a fortuity? You decide.

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