Wednesday, December 24, 2008

6 Hollywood Holocaust films mimic Gospel of Judas

The number of films whose primary theme is The Holocaust of the jews and others by the Nazi

regime and other fascists to be released at Christmas is unprecedented. The films total six. In a

given year, there may be one , maybe two. Suddenly there is a deluge. It will be nearly

impossible to avoid going to a Theatre and seeing a first run movie without having the menu of

choices focused on this topic. This cannot be a coincidence. This writer will provide what may be

reason for this unprecedented action. Likely, it is the fact that Pope Benedict is on the verge of

turning his predecessor as Pope during WWII into a Saint of the Catholic Church. This is

particularly controversial because of the fact that Pope Benedict was a member of the nazi youth

and served in the German Army for a brief period of time.

For Hollywood , this is part of a long-term campaign to erase Jesus from existence. It is

controlled at present by Zionists. They have been trying to erase Christ since the time of Herod.

They did not succeed then. They will not succeed now. However, The Pope in question set to

become a "Saint" likely did collaborate to some degree with Hitler and The Church operated the

Nazi rat lines that brought many two legged monsters to the USA and South America. How a

person like this could be placed on the same level as Mother Teresa is impossible to fathom.


1. Synopsis of 6 Holocaust related films all coming out at the same time at Christmas. No one

asks why or dares to mention that the film establishment is zionist hived entirely or that this

may be part of a long battle with the Catholic Church or even a counter to the rising anti-zionist

feelings building globally due to the Madoff mega billion dollar Mossad scam. and .

2. Pope Benedict is under severe criticism from Israel for his toying with the idea of Sainthood

for Pope Pius XII .

The previous story notes that Pius XII tried to save some jews and was between a rock and a

hard place. But there may be another side to the coin as well:
Rat Lines - and .

Pope Benedict and the Nazi Youth: .

There can be no doubt that the timed release of Holocaust movies at Christmas in these

numbers is as planned as the front page articles on major USA newspapers a few years ago

all stating that The Gospel of Judas had been "verified" and that Judas was a great man who was
only helping Jesus commit suicide as he wanted. That happened right before Palm Sunday. and .

The movie Tropic Thunder was a comedy. In it, one of the characters portrays himself as

Jesus and calls himself the son of God and then promptly steps on a landmine and is blown to

bits. This is funny or "funny". scroll down 50%. . That happens to be the only scene

in which anyone is killed. It is as if the Director , in portraying or claiming to be the Son of God,

even in jest DESERVED DEATH. Not only that but the desecration of his corpse as a comedy

routine afterwards. No decent burial either. The director is Ben Stiller. He is jewish. His mother

converted to judaism from catholicism. . See wiki on

Tropic Thunder - .

The movie Religulous pits "Bill Maher vs. Jesus Christ" . You already

know, don't you, the background of the director. .

Bill Maher who apparently is "... vs. Jesus Christ" has had a zionist moment. His mother is of

zion extraction. According to that tradition he is born zionic. .


The war between the competing Master Race ideologies of Zionism and Nazism continues. One

of the losers is the American People who get brainwashed by zionist propaganda in movies and

television that attacks the religious views of the majority of the citizenry. This does not excuse

the horrors committed in the past in Europe nor make those involved in them Saints, but it also

does not provide an excuse to destroy the mind and soul of America in the present and future for
the sake of a small self annointed "chosen people". The Neocons and the Nazi ratliners should

please, PLEASE -- go home and fight your war elsewhere.

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