Saturday, April 18, 2009

555 Washington Monument link to OKC Bombing

The satanic network that runs the USA has a cryptic , shadowy way of showing its usually

well hidden hand. They do this to laugh at us. The sheeple...ignorant and unworthy of anything

but slavery and slaughter. Previous articles have exposed the existence of a 555 Brotherhood of

Bormann with nazi and neo-masonic ties. See: / / .

One previous article showed an utterly evil numerology behind the OKC Bombing and the

ritual execution of Timothy McVeigh. With his death, the number of dead involved in the OKC

staged Illuminati ritual slaughter grew to 169. This number happens to be 13 squared or 13x13. .

The Washington Monument is an egyptian obelisk in the heart of Washington, D.C. It is 555

Feet tall , which adds up to 6,660 inches. .

555 feet is in fact 169 Meters. The number for 13 x 13 or 13 squared of OKC Bombing death

total and the number of witches in a coven. .


The 555 and 169 are 666 and Witches Coven 13 Thirteens. Coincidence? We now know why 13

is the unlucky number associated with practicioners of the Dark Arts. 13 Thirteens is SixSixSix.

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