Thursday, April 16, 2009

Pi links Silbury Hill to 19.5 Degree Cydonia Angle

Additional research continues to unravel the key to deciphering the Illuminati blueprint,the

master plan of total control based on occult numerology. The key that the Intelligences behind

the creation of our world have provided us for our own freedom and survival is based on Pi.

A recent article noted that the 19.5 degree angle (an approximation) located throughout the

ruins of the Nephilim civilization on Cydonia plain , Mars - is in fact a metaphor for Pi. Further,

research shows a connection between The 19.5 degree angle / Pi / to Stonehenge.

Recent article noted that 195 minutes is 3 hours and 15 minutes. 194 minutes and 7 seconds

would likewise combine the 19.47 degree Cydonia Angle with 3.14 Pi fraction. See: .

3 hours , 14 minutes and sevens seconds = 19.47 degree Cydonia angle. The approximation of

195 minutes to the 19.5 degree angle approximation of Cydonia is likewise reflected in 3 hours

and 15 minutes.

194 minutes would be 11640 seconds as noted in the previous link or you may do your own

math. The number combination 1640 is present in Silbury Hill. The largest known

Stone circle megalith from ancient times is the Avebury Circle, of which Silbury is associated.

See photo of Silbury Hill , circumference 1640 feet in circumference. .

It is the largest prehistoric mound in Europe. It may be built on a Ley line. Some say it is the

swollen womb of the Earth goddess , others said it was placed there by the Devil. .

The circumference of the hill is a circle. Pi is all about - The Circle - can it be mere chance?

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